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Planning a NYC trip, need advice.

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Posted 06 May 2013 - 02:58 PM

So the wife and I are planning our first NYC trip this year. We are going the last week in October and I'd like some local CAGs advice on where to stay. The hotel prices are ridiculously expensive and I'm trying to stay somewhere convenient and reasonable.

The primary attractions on the list so far are Times Square, Central Park and try to catch one Broadway show, the wife is more concerned about visiting local restaurants and coffee shops. I'd love to catch a Yankees game (assuming they are playing in October) but I've heard don't try to go to another burrough on your first trip.

So with that said, any advice on the best area to get a hotel? We dont plan on going out too much at night and there are so many districts in Manhattan its overwhelming. Thanks!

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Posted 06 May 2013 - 11:39 PM

First time I went I stayed at the Howard Johnson in Queens on Queens Blvd. It was a few minutes from the 61st and Woodside rail station (7 Line). It was relatively cheap and the 7 doesn't take all that long to get to manhatten. This is my third year going in July and let me tell you, ponying up the price to stay in mid-town is worth it because you can wear yourself out with everything to do quite easy.

Look into getting a citypass (discount on typical tourist stuff). One perk is it lets you into ESB during the day and then you can come back at night (breathtaking at night). If you're going to Central Park, consider renting a bike. You can cover it on foot but you really don't need to. As far as broadway shows, google the theaters and take in tips on the seating-I looked into going to Spiderman and people said that first row balcony had a bar blocking the view even though they are premium priced tickets. Also the subway for Yankees games gets ridiculous.. I hope you are not claustrophobic.

You can definitely go and see a lot for cheap/free (MoMA is free on Fridays from 4-8p) but I really think it's worth it to pick and choose where to drop the dough to get the most out of it as well. Spend some time on tripadvisor. You may want to spend time in Brooklyn as well based on your wifes interests.
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