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lancel paris handbags the Wei Wei also has some to can not stand

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 03:18 AM

 "Tile dam?Have never listenned to ……"the fat aunt thought a long time, the shaking of regret shook head. Can't?!Oneself walk to the that direction of mountain?Should ……impossible?Oneself deviates the master elder brother's orbits to has no very far. "That ……do you know a south star?"The Wei Wei speaks a little bit bigger of place name, the fat aunt is difficult of shook to shake head, looking at the look in the eyes of Wei Wei inside full is sympathetic toward, pitiful child, must be get lost?Looking is still so small! "……Stay a Feng pass?" "……Feng county?" "……Treasure chicken?" "……Xian?" "That ……Shaanxi?"The problem of Wei Wei changes more look in the eyeses that the fat aunts sympathize with, the last problem finishes asking, the facial expression ones ash of the Wei Wei hurts and says so, she deviated route a little the boundaries of Shaanxi? "You don't also become nervous and come, the aunt pours glass water for you first to drink!"See Wei Wei suffered appearance, the fat aunt is at the heart cant not bear to, enthusiasm of draw in Wei Wei house inside, poured glass water for her, also added two greatest Shaos refined sugar. This village looks not wealthy, aunt's home is also very simple and crude, the refined sugar should is a very precious thing to aunt's house, but put two greatest Shaos for oneself, the in the mind of Wei Wei a warm, although water was sweet to get fed up with delivering, and still have a strange smell, the Wei Wei still kept keeping on drinking. "Kid, you don't also urgently, do you know the telephone of home?Stay in aunt's home first for a night, aunt tomorrow take you to make a phone call in village master's home!!"The aunt sees the Wei Wei finish drinking water, the smiling of kindly smiles and turn round the kitchen favour lived. Older generation son even if before the Wei Wei dies, what she knows still has several family almost even eating rice isn't satisfied, don't even say this time, aunt's home is only a small soil Kang, disgustingly dirty short table of up put one to look a disgustingly dirty black and white television, the quilt of Kang has been already washed can not tell true colors, although is very simple and crude, the aunt is really a person with clean love.The Wei Wei touches money in the pocket, before walking, once the old man is worried that she could not find a direction to run to another place, it exclusively gave her give some travel expenseses, only the Wei Wei had never thought that oneself would be useful to a day of money, the master elder brother's route always couldn't come amiss and saw now, be still once the old man contained foresight. "Be getting more hungry, aunt's home also nothing important good thing, you manage to pool to eat a point!"The fat aunt carries a bowl sugar water hen egg walked to come in and pulled Kang of Wei Wei, the lookinging at of kindly Wei Wei ate a big bowl of sugar water hen egg naked, eat much aer lunar of meat, the Wei Wei also has some to can not stand