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lancel handbags the baptism of process blood

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 07:11 PM

Murderer, oneself can not revenge for companion, hereafter still have where the individual be willing to become his/her own companion, with oneself life and death with total. "For the sake of middle age sword teacher and Huang Fa Jian's teacher, the Di Si necessarily kills undoubtedly."The hesitant air in the Lin Mu cold stare becomes firm air, hiss one breath, no longer hesitate, no longer be fond of Mang, look upwards diffused earth. Lin Mu Bai flies Lue but rises, the feet step air at Gao, if the Yuan steps at a surface on, display the strongest setting sun for oneself sword to recruit. A setting sun sends forth one brilliant glorious, the whole rightness definitely the fields be all shone on by the glorious Pu, Lin Mu Bai along with setting sun dynasty the on the brink of death Di Si shoot to go and bomb Long a , huge setting sun strength Yuan if the thunder and lightning bombed to kill Di Si. To definitely generally silent on dead of field, the people looking at the setting sun that can compare hot sun to bomb Di Si to kill and immediately break out a deafening shout voice. Definitely the whole rightness the people on the field seethed, they come to definitely field want of is this kind of red-blooded, the man is homicide, 10 kills one person, a long distance I walk alone. The surprising dispassion of Lin Mu Bai, the Xuan of his whole body the spirit have already been fished out and just and all use to display setting sun sword to recruit and used the strongest setting sun for oneself strength"send to walk" Di Si. In a flash, Lin Mu Bai feels that he or she grew up, the baptism of process blood, oneself completely integrated into the world of this weak at the mercy of the strong. The weak at the mercy of the strong is the rule of this world existence, Lin Mu Bai's bombing to kill Di Si don't feel one silk quilt, be like to complete an affair that should does by himself/herself. The Di Si paid for own arrogance the price of life, emperor smell all of the gold lion withered like this, if he not and so of arrogance, not and so promote heart to slice, challenges a five class sword teacher or a six class sword teacher probably today he need not life funeral to definitely field. The Di Si really promoted and promoted to seven class sword teacher, but his underrating Lin Mu Bai is full of a potential like this, the sword recruits miraculous opponent,