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FS/T: 360 Fightsticks, NEW PS3 Injustice Battle Edition, Asus GTX 560Ti, DS and Xbox Games

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 08:39 AM

LAST UPDATED: 07/12/2013


Been here forever but never bothered to make one of these threads so hopefully I'm not breaking every rule at once...  If I have a particular price in mind I'll list it with the item but I'll listen to offers on everything.  Buyer pays shipping, prefer payment via Paypal.




:360: Hori Real Arcade Pro EX Fightstick - $40

Fully functional, very good condition (one small scuff on one edge) and lightly used (I'd say maybe 80 hours to be safe but probably far less).  Stock stick (Sanwa JLF) and buttons (Hori) but custom artwork (Rose from Street Fighter IV).  Very good stick especially for a first time modding project, super easy to work with and the artwork should be easy to remove and replace.


:pc: Asus GTX 560Ti (ENGTX560) - $50

PCI-E video card, 830Mhz core clock, 1GB 1000mhz GDDR5.  Still a very good mid-range equivalent card and quite capable with modern games.  Was running BF3 on High settings at ~40-50 fps at 1920x1080 and only dipping slightly in the most intense fights.  Replaced solely because I built a new machine and went to Crossfired 7970's.


NEW Skylanders USB Portal of Power


:ds: DS Games


NEW Touch Detective


:xbox: Xbox Games


Crimson Skies

Near mint, complete.

NEW Far Cry Instincts

Forza Motorsport

Near mint, complete.

Gun Valkyrie

Near mint, complete.


Near mint, complete.

NEW The Godather Limited Edition

Top Spin/NCAA Football 05

Near mint, complete.

NEW Unreal Championship 2




Nothing in particular at the moment but I'll listen to interesting offers.  PS3, 3DS, Vita for gaming; Canon EF mount lenses/accessories; other neat things/credit.

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