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Target ad 8/4-8/10

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted 27 July 2013 - 02:17 PM

Mud  :dvd: DC $13


Mud  :br: DC $16.99


Oblivion  :br:  :dvd: DC $19.99 *Target exclusive 3D lenticular cover and art book*


Oblivion  :dvd: $16.99


Smash season 2  :dvd: $24.99


Pitch Perfect  :dvd: $19.99 *exclusive gift set includes cup and sunglasses*


On the Road  :br: $12.99


On the Road  :dvd: $9.99


Duck Dynasty season 3  :dvd: $9.99


The BORGIAS final season :br:  $29.99 


The BORGIAS final season  :dvd: $24.99



*Free movie cash with purchase of select titles and others*


The Smurfs  :br:  $16.99 *Free $10 movie cash for Smurfs 2 or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2*


Percy Jackson & Olympians Lightning Thief :dvd:  $6.99 *Free $8 for Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters*


Despicable Me $8.99 :dvd: *Free 7.50 movie cash for Despicable Me 2*


X-Men First Class $8.99 :dvd: *Free $10 movie cash for Wolverine*


The Book of Eli $8.99  :br: *Free $8 movie cash for Pacific Rim*


Snow White & The Hunstman $12.99  :br: *Free $7.50 movie cash for R.I.P.D. or Kick Ass 2*



Credit to BainBridge's_Stache @ BR.com






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People whining about having to do their job is annoying. Hence you no longer have a job and people buy most of their reading materials from the internet. Fuck off and go work at McDonald's now.

Best Buy managed to out-Gamestop Gamestop. Good show. :applause:

8-) Real gamers don't shop at GameStop 8-)

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Posted 04 August 2013 - 06:23 AM

Any other movies come with movie cash for RIPD and Kick-Ass 2?

Granted I only played the demo of Chime, but how the heck do you get shit on by Chime?