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CAG Madden 25 Owner League

Madden League 25 Cag Football Nfl Owner

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 02:36 AM

Cag Madden 25 Owner League- Season 1



Link to the Online Website- Link



With the official league doing coach only, I will be starting an Owners league for anyone interested(especially for those who love setting hot dog prices). This isn't meant to compete with the official league but to offer a place for those of us that have enough time for multiple leagues or just missed out on the official league and would like to experience owner mode with the CAG community. We will be doing sim style gameplay wise, but as this is a secondary league, we will be a little more lenient on trades and will allow Owners to move their teams. Obviously, there will be restrictions but those will be outlined before we do begin. Full restrictions to gameplay and to owners mode will be outlined below as we get closer to the games release.



Advancement- We will be doing a set advancement schedule. Advances will occur on Mondays and Fridays around 7:00 AM. Hopefully, this helps with planning your games in advance.

Team Selection- We're going to be doing a first come first serve, so get your team posted.



Rules- Guessing at what the settings/rules are going to be. These are subject to change when the game comes out.


Settings- All-Madden, 5 minute quarters, No acceleration clock


Gameplay Rules:


Onside Kicks- You can onside kick in the second half of the game if you are down by more than 17 points. You can kick an onside kick in the fourth quarter if you are losing by any amount.


Squib Kicks- You can squib kick at anytime, but if a squib kick is recovered without the receiving team getting possession of the ball, then you are to punt the ball immediately.


Hurry Up Offense-(this is one that is up in the air for discussion)- Hurry up can be used in obvious comeback situations and during any 2 minute offensive situation. You can also use hurry up during any point during the game, you just can not use it on consecutive plays and you have to wait until the play clock is down to at least 25 seconds before you can snap.


QB Swap- If you switch QB's in the middle of the game, just send your opponent a message that says QB. You do not have to send a message to your opponent  if you are running a wildcat formation(if the game handles wildcat as it did in Madden 2013)


Two Point Conversion- You are allowed to go for a two point conversion in situations that make sense. If you can't justify it, then just don't do it.


Fourth Down- You can go for it in the following situations.
Fourth and 3 and less- You can go for it as long as you are past midfield.
Down by 17 or more- You can go for it at any point in the second half.
Down by 9-16 Points- You can go for it at any point beyond 1:00 left in the 3rd quarter.
Down by 8 Points- You can go for it at any point in the fourth quarter
The only other time you can go for it is if you are between the 35-45 yard line and your are out of your kickers range


Gameplay Styles- Obviously, no nano blitz or cheap tactics like sending everyone deep and then running with the qb. 5 wide QB runs(unless a designed play) and hb streaks directly in the middle of the field from the backfield, if abused, will be considered cheese as well.


Showboating- From the Demo, it doesn't seem like diving into the end zone is that big of a deal anymore, but stick away from showboating if your playing against someone you don't know personally.


Player Editing/Position SwapsNo turning WR's into TE's. No playing HB's with over 85 speed at FB. To switch a player to QB, he has to have some history as a QB. No turning speed receivers with 20 throw power/accuracy into a read option QB. 


Running Up the Score- When you have a sufficient lead, start running clock. Doesn't mean that you have to stop passing, just stick to short passes and keeping the clock running. If your down a lot and want the game to end, then start running clock yourself. No sympathy will be given you keep throwing the ball up and end up having interception after interception returned on you.

Against the CPU: When playing the CPU, either get a lead and sit on it or take advantage of the Supersim feature. Hopefully the difficulty sorts this out, but I don't want to see 700 yards passing against the CPU with 8 touchdowns.


Quitting- No rage quitting. Rage quitting will result in a strike against you.


Punishment- 1st Strike- Warning, 2nd Strike- 1 Game Suspension/additional warning depending on the infraction, 3rd Strike- 3 Game Suspension. If you go beyond that, then your really don't have a place in the league.


Disconnects- If a game is disconnected and the two parties can not come to an agreement to replay the game, then post in the thread the score and situation of the game. We'll discuss it and then either let one person play the cpu or have the game be replayed.


Late- If you schedule a game and won't be able to make that time, attempt to contact your opponent and update them. There's nothing worse than sitting around waiting for another player. I will give a half an hour window for you to update your opponent. If no attempt to contact your opponent during that half an hour is made, then the person that showed up will be allowed to play the CPU.

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 02:37 AM





AFC East-


Buffalo Bills- 

Miami Dolphins- Palmettogolfcc7

New England Patriots-

New York Jets-


AFC North-

Baltimore Ravens-

Cincinnati Bengals- Hemingway012 | Hemingway12

Cleveland Browns- SonicXtreme | Sonicxxtreme

Pittsburgh Steelers-


AFC South-

Houston Texans-

Indianapolis Colts-

Jacksonville Jaguars-

Tennessee Titans-


AFC West-

Denver Broncos-

Kansas City Chiefs-

Oakland Raiders- 

San Diego Chargers-




NFC East-

Dallas Cowboys-

New York Giants- TimboSliceGB | timbosliceGB- Dropped

Philadelphia Eagles- GHmanRON | Itz Amish Swag- Inactive

Washington Redskins-


NFC North-

Chicago Bears-

Detroit Lions-

Green Bay Packers- Chetty12 | Chetty12

Minnesota Vikings-  Yo Soy El Tiger | Yo soy el tiger


NFC South-

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers- Deuce20602 | Deuce20602

New Orleans Saints-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-


NFC West-

Arizona Cardinals- RAMES is squatting on the Cards. Anyone who get them, they should be on Auto and will want to play the CPU.

San Francisco 49ers- Mr Grand Cru | Mr Grand Cru

Seattle Seahawks- sprice8688 | sprice20- Inactive

St. Louis Rams- Mog3526 | Mog3526- Inactive