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Free Steam Games!

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 05:14 PM

Hello. My name is tubs06 and I want to share with you one of the best methods to get free steam games and more online.


Tremor Games


Tremor Games is a website where you can play games, watch videos, and complete offers, complete tasks for Tremor Coins, witch then can be redeemed for Steam Games, and more!






Click the "Achievement" button on the top of the screen and it will show alot of games. These games have a medal on then to signify they are achievement games.

Play the game you want and unlock achievements shown at the side of the game.

Once the achievement is unlocked you will be rewarded your xp and tremor coins.

*Games are special also because you earn xp and level up from them to.*




Click the "Get Coins" button at the top of the screen. Or click the "Videos" tab at the top of the screen.

Then click either the "Videos" tab or the "V11 Videos" tab.

The "Videos" tab gives you one at a time. The "V11 Videos" tab lets you choose the video you want to watch.

Once you finish the video you will be credited your tremor coins.

*I prefer the "Videos" tab* *Don't try skipping through videos. It wont work.




Click the "Get Coins" button at the top of the screen *just like the videos*.

Every other tab than "Videos" , "V11 Videos", or "Tasks" are offer tabs.

Offers pay much more then anything else. But have you download stuff, register for stuff, ect. But it IS worth it.

Once everything is done you will be credited your tremor coins.

*WARNING: Some offers may contain scams, or viruses. So I do not recommend downloading stuff. But if you do, It may offer you junk. Just uncheck all of the junk.*




Click the "Get Coins"  button on the top of the screen *just like the videos and offers*

Click the "Tasks" tab and pick a task.

It will tell you instructions on what to do and if it is done correctly, you get tremor coins.




Redeeming is very simple. Just click the "Tremor Rewards" tab on the top of the screen.

Look or search for what you want. Here's a list of what they have:


Steam, Desura, ect. Games

TF2 Items

Dota 2 Items

Steam Trading Cards

Steam Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

Bit Coins


In-Game items for more games


Thats alot! So basically free stuff. Cool right?


Pros & Cons



Really easy to get coins

Stuff in shop is really cheap and most of the times doesn't even require effort to get

Don't need to wait really long for you stuff



Games have to be in stock to buy them

Some things cost alot of tremor coins



Those are all of the games, items and trading cards ive earned so far.


Link to website:


Heres my refferal link: http://www.tremorgames.com/?ref=78336

I would be happy if you would use it but you don't have too if you don't want too.


Thank you for your time. Have a nice day! Hope to see you on the website.

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