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Tetris Blitz - Buy a starter pack, get it FREE FOREVER.

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 03:59 AM

I downloaded Tetris Blitz today on my Nexus 7 and Lumia 810 to discover that it has microtransactions. More on those and an exploit later.


I'm not the kind of person that plays social games often, and when I do it's because it's a time killer. This game is fantastic to play for free and it's less of a social game because it's Tetris, right? You can play with swipe controls or with touch to place controls - it's fun.


But I ran out of "specials" and decided I would buy ONE starter pack of stuff for the game for a buck. Game with coins and sh*t.


But I discovered something that HAS to be a mistake! You see, at the bottom of the page where you buy stuff with real money, there's a little button that says "Restore Previous Purchaes" and it's labeled "FREE". I was all like "WHat does this do?"


It gave me my starter pack again for free. I was all like "WAAAAT" and pressed it again. ANOTHER FREE STARTER PACK. I kept pressing it, and it kept giving me more free packs.


So go get the game. Spend a dollar on the starter pack of items, coins and spins for the jackpot wheel press-your-luck-no-whammies board and just press that free restore purchases button a thousand times to get unlimited free stuff. Never make another microtransaction in the game again but reap all the rewards :D