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Bakersfield/SoCal Extra Life event

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 07:36 PM

Hey, everyone. Spacey here.


I have a deal to make with you.


I'm in Bakersfield, CA, and students at CSUB are organizing a huge event. 50 consoles, 700 games (at this point), board games, card games, tabletop games. Retro machines (Atari Jaguar?), Xbox Steel Battalion, dedicated ACIV Black Flag machine, Guinness world record holder Carrie Swidecki (49 hours of "Just Dance" on Xbox). Free dinner from Panda Express, free lunch from Jersey Mike's Subs, free snacks and drinks from WalMart and Coca-Cola. Over a dozen tournaments: shooters (Halo 4, CoD:BOII, CoD:Ghosts), Sports (Madden 25, FIFA '14, NBA 2K14), Fighting (MvC, SF, Injustice, Skullgirls, TTT2 - livestreamed over twitch.tv), Nintendo (SSB and MK), Magic the Gathering, Kaijudo, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine and Heroclix.


It's gonna be kinda nuts.


We're doing ours on November 9th because there's another event in Bako on the 2nd. It's 10 AM to 10 PM in the CSUB Student Union.


Here's the deal.


You don't have to join Team CSU Bakersfield to participate in our event. CheapAssGamer has their own team called "TeamCAG", and we are not doing this to "steal" team members from them. You can join Team CAG or Team CSU Bakersfield.  But you DO have to choose "Bakersfield Memorial Hospital" as the recipient of your fundraising - which you would do anyway, if you're in the area, right? And you have to raise at least $20. That's our cutoff to get in the doors.


There's also a parking fee of $5 on campus. Sucks, I know. Believe me, I know.


So - join Team CAG or Team CSU Bakersfield. Choose Bakersfield Memorial. Raise $20. You're in.


Every $10 you raise gets you a ticket that you can put toward a number of door prizes.

Come in cosplay, get an extra ticket.

Raise $100, and you get a special ticket into a drawing for an Xbox One worth $500.


We also have some pretty awesome prizes for some of our tournaments, including Turtle Beach Headsets worth $199 and $279. We'll also have some silent auction items, and some smaller items you can get with just a donation (no need to "win" them).


Blizzard has donated an additional $20,000 to go to the hospital that has the biggest growth over last year. Last year, our hospital had $5554 in donations. Our team is trying to raise $12,500, hoping to break $15K for all of Bakersfield. We think that might actually do it.


There's more info here: www.campusgamers.net.

There's a link there to the registration page.

There's also a link there to our email address if you have questions.


You guys are doing great!


EDIT: Here's a link to all the games that will be there (and those we hope will be there): LINK


I posted this in a Team CAG Extra Life thread, and they suggested I put it here because regional. Thanks :)