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Xanatan - Questions/Experiences?


#1 ElwoodJD  


Posted 01 November 2013 - 01:49 PM

Hey, I'm new to the forums here at CAG but been taking advantage of deals and lurking as needed for years.  I just saw the Xanatan deal in the forum yesterday (can't post links to it yet) and saw a lot of people expressing concerns about it being a scam.  Given the "endorsement" by Nordic Games I decided to take the plunge.


A lot of people complained about the requirement of using a download client to get the Steam Keys, but there was an option for "mac/linux" users where they email you the key.  I went with that.  I never got an email, but when I went to the order history page of my Xanatan account I found the keys on the order page.  Plugged them into Steam and got EU4, Crusader Kings 2, and the bonus DLC they offered (except for the CK2 -> EU4 converter, for some reason I can't find that unless like the EU4 DLC its within the game menus for Crusader Kings game itself which I haven't installed yet).


EDIT: Confirmed with both EU4 and CK2, the DLC appears in the game menus after install, but does not show as "purchased" on the Steam Store.  But it's there, and it works.


Thing is, I came back to the CAG forum today to post my positive results with the deal and found the CheapyD had locked the thread and banned two users (the OP and a "new" poster who was vouching the deal as legit).  Seems like they may have been one in the same person, with a dummy account to vouch.


Obviously the risk is non0-zero, but I'm wondering if I should be concerned about fraud in the future.  I paid with PayPal, not my credit card info, so I should be protected there.  And I did get the games without installing the downloader client.


So now I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there who has used Xanatan?  And is there any risk that the games that activated on Steam could be revoked later?


Thanks in advance for looking and hope to hear your thoughts.

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