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The CAG Backlog Support Group.


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Posted 18 December 2013 - 09:51 AM

Hey Cags. I am starting a backlog support group here on CAG and wanted to see where everyone was on their backlogs and maybe we can help push each other to start finishing our games.  I made a list of all my backlog games and realized that I have over 900 hours and I think this could be a good forum to come here, chat about what games we finished and what game to start next, update hours, with what games we buy or beat. Who knows, maybe we can even get some coop groups going to help.


How I added up my backlog: I used a spread sheet to list all my games and I matched each individual game with the corresponding time on Howlongtobeat.com 

Another useful tool: 

http://backloggery.com/ A backlog tracker / motivator. Credit to Bkjohns1 for bringing this info to the post. 

Check out my backlog blog Backlogtopia!