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2014 Thrift Store Thread - Post your finds here!

#1 Billytwoshoes   Perpetually behind the times CAGiversary!   1824 Posts   Joined 7.8 Years Ago  


Posted 03 January 2014 - 05:26 PM

I guess I'll start this thread for the year after all, post whatever you find at your local thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, and the like).  Video game related or not, if it's a good deal, go ahead and share it with the CAG community.


I might go through the old 2013 thread sometime and catalog the best scores and update this post just for fun, we'll see who "won" at thrifting for that year.


Off the top of my head, I remember a boxed Sega CDX for around $40, a complete copy of Suikoden II for $3, and a few awesome PS1 and SNES lots.  Of course let's not forget about the Stadium Events game as well (that find is in a class of itself), though I don't think that was someone on CAG.  I'll update the right information when I find it.


Top Finds from the 2013 Thread (in no particular order):




** If I'm missing a great find, just let me know, though I'll update this when I have time **



As for 2014, yesterday I stopped by a local church operated thrift store, which doesn't get much rotation, but the prices are yard sale types.  Picked up a copy of Blokus that I've always wanted to give a shot for a buck.

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 09:43 PM

Havent found much videogame stuff lately but I grabbed this for $11.32 after tax. $145 on Amazon.