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Xenoblade Chronicles - New in stock ~$64 at Video Games Plus!


#61 Blaster man  

Blaster man

Posted 08 March 2014 - 07:06 PM

VGP said on their facebook in response to the same question (check my prior post in this thread). It was necessary to raise MSRP because of increased cost of reprint. FWIW, believe it or not.

Interesting, thanks for the info.  I have no idea if I should believe that or not.  It seems like there could be truth in it but who knows.


I'm one of those people! I like to have sealed copies of hard-to-find games that I happen to enjoy. The fact that it seems to annoy people like you is just a bonus. :razz:

Based on the above comment I just replied to, it seems like this is a SECOND reprinting.  I'm not sure how "rare to find" this game will be after this.