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Fallout New Vegas

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Posted 26 April 2014 - 12:59 AM

Fallout New Vegas


As I am old enough to do so, let me start this one with a bit of history. Fallout 1&2 were turn-based, isometric RPGs. The games had an interesting and atmospheric setting, detailed character development system, deep quests, tactical combat and gave huge amount of freedom to the player. But then Interplay and Black Isle Studios died. Fallout disappeared for a long time until it was picked up by Bethesda of Elder Scrolls fame. Thus came Fallout 3, which is closer to any other game by Bethesda than to original Fallout (which can have better successors in Shadowrun and Wastelands 2). The gameplay became first person and real time. The rpg elements got “streamlined” which in normal terms mean simplified to the point of shallowness. And here we come to New Vegas – a game built on Fallout 3 engine by Obsidian, a team famous for creating sequels to other people's franchises.



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