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Madden 15 Xbox One League - 3 Seasons Completed! Moving On To Madden 16!

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 08:09 PM


Hello, everybody. And welcome to the first CAG Madden league on Xbox One. Madden leagues on CAG have been very successful over the years, with a consistent league running for the past 6 years, and two leagues running simultaneously for the past 3 years.

As we move forward to a new generation of consoles, things are bound to change. We've no doubt had some members switch to PS4. But we very well could have had some PS3 users switch to Xbox One as well. So, this is a great time to reestablish things and start fresh.

In that spirit, this will be a league FOR EVERYONE. I'm not going to so much worry about skill level as I am about keeping things competitive. And we can discuss ways to make sure that happens in the thread. I've got some ideas, but I'd like to hear input from everybody. Blowouts are uncomfortable for everyone. The more often we can avoid them, the better.

Oh, also, if you're new and you're wondering what the heck is up with the name of the league, it's a bit of a tongue in cheek reference to all the names the various CAG leagues have had over the years (mostly by my doing, haha). And the jacket...well, the jacket is just awesome. :)

General Guidelines
I'd like the league to be as self-sustaining as possible: no nonsense, no constant reminders to play right, a non-negotiable expectation to keep up with the thread, being responsive to PMs, etc. And if people show any difficulty sticking to that, they're gone. What I'd like to avoid is the whole mentality of caring more about winning than caring about playing right. Also, having so and so's friend's, brother's, uncle who likes Madden, but has no idea what this thread is or even what CAG is can be a hinderance more often than not. If you want to be a part of the league, be a part of the league.

Once again, this year, we will be changing a few policies and rules. First and foremost will be the return of the trade cap. Despite Madden's in-game salary cap and roster management system, it still left people too many loopholes when trading and/or signing superstar players. I can at least give EA credit for trying to incorporate team finances, but when people know they're dealing with a limited season league, it lets them know there are certain things they can take advantage of. So, definitely expect a limitation on trades per season and contract lengths. These policies will only be put in place to make for a more realistic league though...so hopefully most people won't have a problem with that.

Anybody who would like to play in this league, feel free to voice your interest, introduce yourself, weigh in on league policies, bounce around some ideas, etc. As always, with a new Madden, I'm hopeful that we'll continue to move in a positive direction and that this year's game will be the best ever! Thanks!

League Website

Releasing a Player From the Website
1. Log in
2. Click on "Team"
3. Find the player you want to cut
4. Click on him and choose "View Player"
5. Click "Take Action" and then choose "Release Player"

League Rules and Policies (Subject to Change as New Game Info is Released)

Team Lottery

Forgive that I left the empty teams in there. I gathered all these images like a week ago, and ultimately, felt it added to the suspense, haha. :)

And a simple list for people who hate fun videos. For anyone wondering why in the hell I do these, I just like to keep my skills sharp and my creative juices flowing. And they're just meant to be fun.


Team | CAG Name (click to send private message) | XBL Gamertag | Time Zone | Availability
Any team listed as *OPEN* may be taken

Buffalo Bills | *OPEN*
Miami Dolphins | siradam134 | feroci0us1 | ET | Weekdays: 9PM ET-12AMET, Weekends: very flexible
New England Patriots | *OPEN*
New York Jets | *OPEN*

Baltimore Ravens | *OPEN*
Cincinnati Bengals | Dark Rider | Brownwing | ET | ? *PLAY CPU*
Cleveland Browns | jza1218 | statnut28 | ET | F-M: evenings, Tu-Th: not available *PLAY CPU*
Pittsburgh Steelers | *OPEN*

Houston Texans | Tanabeo | Tanabeo | CT | M-F: After 10:30PM CT (possibly earlier by appt), Sa-Su: very flexible
Indianapolis Colts | DarkTower80 | DarkTower80 | MT | ? *PLAY CPU*
Jacksonville Jaguars | *OPEN*
Tennessee Titans | n8rockerasu | n8rocker82 | CT | Su: 12PM CT-8PMCT, M-Th: 5PM CT-8PM CT, F: 5PM CT-2AM CT, Sa: 12PM CT-2AM CT, (these are all starting times) *PLAY CPU*

Denver Broncos | dr0ppinL0adz | Z stepano Z | ET | Weeknights: After 7PM ET, Weekends: flexible
Kansas City Chiefs | *OPEN*
Oakland Raiders | *OPEN*
San Diego Chargers | *OPEN*

Dallas Cowboys | *OPEN*
New York Giants | kill3r7 | LiquidSnake04 | ET | M-Th: 8PM ET-12AM ET, weekends: flexible *PLAY CPU*
Philadelphia Eagles | Energy Penguin | hi FUNKsioning | ET | Mostly Nights
Washington Redskins | Heidenreich | JCariello | ET | flexible *PLAY CPU*

Chicago Bears | Panoramic15 | RevCottonMarcus | ? | ?
Detroit Lions | staticz | staticzv2 | CT | Usually 9PM CT-12AM CT, other times negotiable *PLAY CPU*
Green Bay Packers | Matt Young | The Matt Young | PT | After 3PM PT
Minnesota Vikings | *OPEN*

Atlanta Falcons | *OPEN*
Carolina Panthers | *OPEN*
New Orleans Saints | LVPatriots | MurdaModeLV | ET | flexible
Tampa Bay Buccaneers | *OPEN*

Arizona Cardinals | *OPEN*
San Francisco 49ers | Msn1983 | Jetsetpoker | ET | Most Evenings: 7PM ET-12AM ET *PLAY CPU*
Seattle Seahawks X | Methoes | Epic MidKnight | PT | Anytime after 10PM PT *PLAY CPU*
St. Louis Rams | *OPEN*

*X = Strike

Past Champions
Madden 15
Season 1 - Houston Texans (Tanabeo)

Season 2 - New Orleans Saints (LVPatriots)
Season 3 - Houston Texans (Tanabeo)