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Free Steam/Origin/Uplay Keys!

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Posted 29 December 2014 - 03:24 PM

It am compiling a list of all the services/promos and ways that giveaway free game keys, all organized in one single post.
There are actually 3 methods, which I think are the best.
I ordered these methods from easy to hard:


  • [goto=1]Method 1 (Easiest)[/goto]
Get free keys (instantly) for some game(s) from websites (signups)/services/promos.
  • [goto=2]Method 2 (Easy)[/goto]
Get free keys for ANY game you want, after doing some work, but works well. (Recommended)
  • [goto=3]Method 3 (Hard)[/goto]
Get free keys by entering giveaways and you will only have a (small) chance you win them.
Have fun with these freebies!
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Steam Keys:
Origin Keys:
Uplay Keys:
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You can also get free game keys by playing games and completing forms/offers, which is the best existing method! I've got over 110 free steam/origin games (3 month period), thanks to Tremorgames!    :)
Register Tremorgames: http://www.tremorgames.com
Add me as friend, if you'd like! (Optional)    :)
(NEW) Recently they also start giving away free steam keys to new users!
Another great way to earn money (GMG credit) to buy games is through the PlayFire service, provided by GreenManGaming!
You just play steam games you already own and unlock achievements, then you will be rewarded with actual GMG credit.
If you're lazy to play games, don't have enough time or simply want it faster, you can try exploiting this service via "Steam Achievement Manager", short: SAM and unlock steam achievements manually.
Though this may not work and can be risky! Use at own risk!
Register PlayFire: www.playfire.com/a/register
Register GreenManGaming: http://www.greenmangaming.com
Download SAM: http://gib.me/sam/
There are also similar services like TremorGames. Though, I like TremorGames best.
Register SteamGameSwap: http://steamgameswap.com (Small collection of available games, and slightly harder to get enough points)
Register Steampowers: http://www.steampowers.net/ (Always in stock! But very(!) hard to get enough points!)

There are many giveaway services, but http://steamgifts.com is by far the most popular!
Just sign it through steam and join giveaways daily.
Though, if you're lazy and/or want to increase your chance, you can try this extension for chrome:
That extension works well!
These 2 sites are cool as well:
Other mentions are PlayBlink and GameMiner.
These have much smaller communities, so your chance of winning is much greater!
I personally prefer GameMiner over PlayBlink, but if you like playing browser games to get points, try PlayBlink.
Register GameMiner: http://gameminer.net/ (Use this invitation code to register: 8e6321bbbbba605701aefaea19d6a2cd)
Register PlayBlink: http://playblink.com/


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 08:31 PM


this reddit subreddit probably finds them the fastest

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