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ultimate all systems trade/sell list w:amiibo /PayPal/ amaxon credit

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Posted 18 April 2015 - 01:24 PM

Pics on request, everything mostly mint and complete

Mostly want PayPal or Amazon but will check lists , willing to listen to all offers

Some wants Marth / metalknight /little mac/ pit /Ike want them brand new sealed NA version

i also want a deathadder chroma mouse


Toon link / sheik / mega man / sonic all brand new sealed would trade 4:1 for mk marth or little mac and 3:1 for others

Also have gold Mario

Game boy return of samus complete all inserts
Gameboy advance yoshi island new sealed w guide
Gbc dragon warrior 1/2/3 complete all inserts
Gbc Zelda oracles of seasons and ages complete all inserts
Gc battalion wars new sealed
Gc dance Dance Mario
Gc ikaruga
Gc mario double dash
Tc metroid echoes new
Gc res o 1 2 34 Veronica
Gc skies of Arcadia new
Gc soul caliber 2
Gc Mario sunshine

3ds shin megami IV le
3ds smash bros
3ds tales of abyss
3ds final fantasy theatrythm

N64 quest 64
N64 hey u pika chu
N64 dk 64
N64 Pokemon snap
N64 shadow of empire
N64 007
N64 didn't kong racing
N64 Pokemon stadium
N64 star fox
N64 tony hawk 2

ds animal crossing
Ds advance wars
Ds ff 3 4 tactics a2 ring of fates
Ds golden sun new with guide
Ds gta Chinatown
Ds Pokemon white / platinum
Ds super Mario 64

Wii endless ocean new
Wii last story le new
Wii Madworld new
Wii muramasa
Wii no more heroes
Wii pandora tower new
Wii sin and punishment new

PC dungeon keeper 1 and 2
PC Warcraft reign of chaos and frozen throne

Ps1 crash bandicoot 123
Ps1 Dbz final bout bandai ver
Ps1 fear effect 1
Ps1 ff8 new black label
Ps1 spyro 123
Ps1 parasite eve
Ps1 ff chronicles black label
Ps1 tekken
Ps1 tomb raider

Ps2 beyond good n evil new
Ps2 dmc 123
Ps2 the getaway
Ps2 God of war
Ps2 gta 3, vice city
Ps2 jak 123
Ps2 kh 12
Ps2 time crisis 2
Ps2 Rygar
Ps2 omnimuha warlord
Ps2 digital devil saga 2
Ps2 true crime
Ps2 Zoe 12

PS3 3d dot heroes
PS3 alpha protocol
PS3 ac 23 revelations
PS3 Asura wrath
PS3 atelier meru grand finale set new
PS3 back to the future
PS3 batman arkham asylum /city
PS3 beyond
PS3 brink
PS3 brutal legend
PS3 cod black ops mw2 world at war
Ps3 castlevania 12
PS3 Catherine
PS3 csi fatal
PS3 crysis 2
PS3 class of heroes 2g new
PS3 darksiders 2
PS3 dark souls
PS3 de blob 2
PS3 dead island and riptide
PS3 dead space dev new
PS3 dead to rights retribution
PS3 demon souls phantom new
PS3 disgaea 4 premium new
PS3 dragon age 12
PS3 duck tales remastered new
PS3 dungeon siege 3
PS3 dynasty warriors Strikeforce
PS3 eat lead
PS3 ensalved
PS3 fallout / Las Vegas
PS3 Fifa 08 10 12
PS3 fight night rd 4
PS3 ff 13
PS3 fist of rage
PS3 folklore
PS3 game of thrones le
PS3 God of war collection /3
PS3 gt 5
PS3 gta 4 special new
PS3 uc 1/2
PS3 heavenly sword
PS3 hunted demon forge
PS3 hyper dimension mk 2 savior new
PS3 ico
PS3 infamous
PS3 John woo
PS3 kz 23
PS3 kingdom of Amalur
PS3 last of us survival
PS3 Lego lord of rings
PS3 little big planet
PS3 last rebellion
PS3 Medal of Honor
PS3 mass effect trilogy new
PS3 motorstorm
PS3 nba2k12
PS3 nfs undercover
PS3 Ni no kuni
PS3 ninja gaiden sigma 2
Ps3 prince of Persia/. Le / trilogy
PS3 rage
PS3 res 5/6/ revelations
PS3 resistance 2 ce new
PS3 saints row 2 / IV
PS3 saw 2
PS3 seta tennis
PS3 sniper elite v2
PS3 sonic genesis
PS3 Star Trek new
PS3 star wars force unleashed
PS3 sf4 / ce new
PS3 tales of graces
PS3 tales xillia ce
PS3 term salv
PS3 splinter cell hd
PS3 splinter cell had
PS3 tomb raider steel book no game
PS3 tomb raider hd
PS3 twisted metal new
PS3 uncharted 3 game of the year
PS3 virtual fighter
PS3 walking dead goty/ ce / survival instinct
PS3 Warhawk
PS3 white knight chronicles
PS3 xone wolverine

Ps4 theif destiny Diablo 3 new

Psp ape escape
PSp dexter
PSp dissidia
Psp ff2 and Iv complete
Psp gitaroo
Psp gta liberty
Psp Jeanne d arc
Psp lumines
Psp metal gear acid 12
Psp n+
PS p Patapon
Ps p shin megami
Ps p syphon filter
Ps p Valkyrie 2 chronicles
Ps p Ys 1/2 premium oath felghana premium

Ps vita ac3
Vita nhl 13
Vita marvel vs capcom 3
Vita unit 13

Saturn panzer dragoon saga new sealed shining force sealed

SNes super Mario rpg
SNes ff3
Snes super Mario all stars world super. Mario world

Xbox alter echo
Xbox dark alliance 1/2
Xbox beyond good and evil
Xbox chronicles of ridding
Xbox doom 3
Xbox dead to rights
Xbox enter the matrix
Xbox fable
Xbox demon stone
Xbox gauntlet
Xbox gta trilogy pack
Xbox halo new halo 2 ce new
Xbox jade empire
Xbox 007 nightfire / everything or nothing
Xbox lord of rings
Xbox marvel vs cap com 2
Xbox mech assault 12
Xbox odd world
Xbox panzer orta
Xboxprine of persiA 13
Xbox soul caliber
Xbox Star Wars knight of republic
Xbox state of emergency
Xbox Siberia
Xbox theif
Xbox rainbow splinter cell 13
Xbox xiii

360 Afro samurai
360 call of duty 2/3 ghosts black ops prestige
360 bayonets
360 bio shock 1/2 ce 1 le
360 bullet witch
360 brutal legend
360 condemned 2
360 fable 3 controller new
360 dance central cd
360 dark sector
360 darkness 2 le new
360 dead or alive 4
360 dragon age 2
360 fable 3
360 fallout
360 Fifa 10
360 front lines
360 godfather
360 gta 4
360 guitar hero 3
360 halo 3/4/ reach
360 infinite discovery
360kane and lynch 2
360 kinect adventures cd
360 Kung fu panda
360 last remnant
360 lost odyssey
360 majin and forsaken kingdom
360 mass effect le
360 Medal of Honor
360 midnight club
360 mirror edge
360nba 2k6
360 orange box
360 phantasy universe
360 prince of Persia
360 singularity
360 spectral force 3
360 sf4
360 tales of vesperia special
360 ghost recon 1/2
360 rainbow six Las Vegas
360 two worlds
360 ultimate marvel vs cap com 3
360 walking dead collector

Xbox one sunset overdrive

Guide ff 13-2 le new
Guide kingdoms of amalur new
Guide Diablo new
Guide no no kuni new
Guide 007 goldeneye
Guide legend of Zelda verus

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Posted 18 April 2015 - 05:53 PM

I'm interested in Metroid Prime Echos (GC), Animal Crossing DS,


Check my list: https://www.cheapass...-rewards/page-2

#3 Unruly Umbreon  

Unruly Umbreon

Posted 18 April 2015 - 06:00 PM

Free bump. PM sent.

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Posted 19 April 2015 - 02:52 PM

Replied to all

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Posted 19 April 2015 - 06:34 PM

interested in 


SNes super Mario rpg
SNes ff3
Snes super Mario all stars world super. Mario world

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Posted 19 April 2015 - 11:28 PM

Didnt see anything on your list sorry just pm me a price i guess for all 3

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Posted 20 April 2015 - 08:52 PM


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Posted 25 April 2015 - 07:06 PM