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obama lied again tpp cispa = cisa etc revival of f one punch man hardline free xbox live wii u fast track is bad mkay

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Posted 22 April 2015 - 09:29 PM

Oppose fast track and tpp. Why? Here's why: https://www.citizen....fast-track-2015
Don't want to click the link, here's the best tl:dr I can give:

Congress won't be able to change inappropriate text within TPP, all they can do is a yes/no vote.

Transparency will be worse than the days of the bush adminstration, they claim we get to see what we're in for 60 days before signing but we the public would not have access to the trade text until 30 days after the agreement is in effect and locked.

I've said it before in my other threads, the other copy pasted threads elsewhere, oppose fast track and tpp.

go here: https://action.citiz...ction_KEY=12285

CISPA's back...again....f****** why? Now it's CISPA, CISA, PCNA, CTSA and NCPA. Obama claims he'll veto these but he's the one who supports these bills. As usual they claim its all for national security but we'll always have enemies, this is purely for criminalizing the american people.
Here's why again you should against it: https://stopcyberspying.com/ .........want another tl:dr? goddammit!

basically all 5 bills have the corporations and the govt grant themselves more immunity to existing law like selling your info and can use that info for any damn reason they want to f up your life (that xbox / playstation / steam deal you used, we say its illegal, hands up before we kill you anyway), can "legally" hack systems (like nyaa or tpb)

"They're already doing this, its too late, they aren't going to listen to us" so what. If we don't try then they will win. I didn't even want to make this thread but I don't want to go down without fighting. Spread to many social media sites please.

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