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Uwe Boll Producer Giveaways on Twitch Stream 4/28 For Rampage 3 Donations - Giving Away NIB Amiibo, video games, signed movies, posters

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#1 stealthenight  


Posted 28 April 2015 - 01:16 AM

Yes, I develop Uwe Boll films from time to time. I also have a Twitch channel I am streaming from. We are gathering donations for the film Rampage 3, which is in financial trouble as of now. So I am holding a stream on 4/28 to try and push for donations for the film. 


This is my Twitch channel, please follow. http://www.twitch.tv/theottomanlive


This is my Twitter, feel free to follow. https://twitter.com/TheRealGaryOtto


I will try my best to follow those who follow, back. If you follow me on Twitter, retweets to spread the word are much appreciated. Really.


On the stream I will be giving away a few NIB Amiibo (yes you'd have to give your address if you won)


also on the stream I will be giving away several video games, and some signed copies of POSTAL the movie signed by Uwe Boll. As well as some signed Bloodrayne DVD's and signed posters.


I know some of you out there dislike the video game films made through the years. Know that I have been in this camp for at least 10 years but had very little say in the development process until just a few years ago. I tried my best to reboot Bloodrayne films into something that coincided with the games more fluidly. Unfortunately, the series had already suffered significant damage and the lack of support for the films got the re-imagining cancelled late in pre-production. I tried to resurrect the In the Name of the King series with an un-produced prequel and tv pilot that never made it either. I did Associate Produce the 3rd In the Name of the King film. The development process is hard, relies a lot on other people's work. It's a team effort. I can answer some of your questions about some of the films that I was around for, as long as you keep it respectful. 


I am just a human being, just a dude. Just like you. I love video games, and I hope to gain your support and hopefully widen your perspective, that the media in it's attempt to sell ads, may have left you with a poisonous perspective rather than the reality - we are good people, we work really hard and are driven by a passion for film. 


It took 25 years for Cannon Pictures to finally get recognized as "cult" and be accepted for what it was - entertainment. I hope it won't take that long for people to see Boll's video game films exist on that same level. True drive-in cinema, cult classics meant to make you laugh with your friends, and have a good time. Those were never trying to be anything but drive-in films. With the rise of "Grindhouse" maybe this will give you greater perspective on them.


It's easy to judge from an armchair, especially on the internet, but I want Rampage 3 (a film that actually has something to say, not to be mistaken for the video game level films) - I want Rampage 3 to be made and do well so it doesn't end up cancelled like say, a movie we tried to make a few years ago. You may have heard of it, "Postal 2" based on that video game series. The catch 22 is, these films rely on $, if they get no support, they gather no $ - and the next film doesn't get made. There is no German tax credit, not for a very long time. Don't believe everything you read. I hope to see some of you on the stream on 4/8, and I hope you will consider a donation to the film. Every dollar helps, small or big. Some will win the giveaway, some won't, but come by anyway. Know that if you are disrespectful you will be instantly banned so please keep it clean. I did not to the "Risky Business" slide at your grandfather's funeral. :)


Thanks for listening, guys. Cheers

#2 stealthenight  


Posted 28 April 2015 - 01:38 PM

going live now