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SOLD [H] GC Zelda OOT, Windwaker + Paper Mario [W] $60 Paypal

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#1 Casinochips559  


Posted 28 June 2015 - 06:00 PM

Edit : No longer available. Add me for possible future deals.

Hello! I am a fan of this forum, I would like a chance to build feedback and sell a few classic titles I have from my collection to add to yours. It is a great chance to save on ebay fees, will save you time game hunting and add some amazing games to your set.

They are:

Zelda Orcarina of Time + Masters Quest - No manual
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door - Disc Only
Zelda Wind Waker - Disc Only


I would like $60 for the 3 of them and am open to offers. Feel free to PM me if interested. Thanks!


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