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Posted 21 July 2015 - 06:48 PM

So, I'd start a discussion on the Skylanders series here, I put it in deals and advice just because I and probably many others both enjoy the game and purchase the figures.


However, now that we're on game 5.. problems have started to arise.

Over the weekend, I played through all 4 games over 48hrs in a marathon both to see if I could and for other more personal reasons.


As I played, I began to notice many problems with the series that became more and more evident as I played through them.


Even worse, the compatibility of the newer games made me just say screw it and trade my entire collection in to Gamestop.


I had at least 1 of every character released up until this point, sometimes multiple if they had a good variant or the new gen update looked/played better than the original.


Here's the problem I found from the compatibility.

Spyro's Adventure - Corelanders can do everything (Made by TFB)

GIants - Corelanders can open any gate, however there are giant specific break points and mini games. (Made by TFB)

SwapForce - Corelanders could open any gate (Sometimes you needed 2 core, or 1 correctly swapped figure), SwapForce could open their ability specific minigames, Giants could open Giant specific items and doors. (Made by VV)

TrapTeam - Only TrapTeam members could open doors, and break crystals. Some minor parts required a specific trapped minion, and each minion needed a crystal of the same element. (Made by TFB)


With how TrapTeam phased out all but the TrapTeam figures and gameplay wise was little more than Giants 1.5... I was disappointed and saw it was the future of the series.


Here's where the problem comes in... I am incredibly interested in SuperChargers (Game 5). Especially the DarkEdition, and the Nintendo editions due to their limited edition content.


The game is made by Vicarious Visions, the people behind Swap Force which was both the best in series and allowed the most freedom when played.


I'm just debating if Superchargers is worth it, and what kind of limits it will have on it's characters.

From what I've been able to piece together, any character can open the elemental gates, but only driver type characters can drive vehicles, and only specific element/vehicle combinations can open the optional vehicle doors (Fire/Aircraft Door can be opened by a Fire Driver in a Jet, Water/Car door can be opened by a Water Driver in a Car, etc etc)