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Best Buy: Trade-In Madden 15 for up to $30 off Madden 16 8/9-8/22

Best Buy

#181 ragingpdm  


Posted 25 August 2015 - 03:55 AM

Can someone cover the barcode and share what this coupon looks like. I didn't get a coupon.....all I got was $22 giftcard which I used towards the game. Thanks


**Update....found it. Apparently it fell off the seat in the car. Can't wait to pick it up in a little while

#182 freshzen   Big Mon CAGiversary!   4409 Posts   Joined 15.0 Years Ago  

Posted 25 August 2015 - 03:27 PM

Has anyone tried to stack coupons yet today?

I have 4 of them :)

#183 TBoner101  

Posted 26 August 2015 - 03:00 AM

This is partially my fault, but here goes another typical BB experience anyway:


So I went in Saturday to do the trade-in. As usual, waited 10-15 minutes for the person in front of me to do the same Madden trade. There was a single employee working the Customer Service desk while three large female CSR's were chatting amongst each other nearby as a line started to form (I see one of these girls almost every time I go there, and she is always doing practically nothing, or as little as possible. She isn't necessarily rude for BB standards, but certainly isn't friendly, which is not a big deal if she was at least competent, which she is not...).

My driver's license expired a few months ago, and can't renew it online so have to do it in person. As much we all love going to the DMV, I've been both busy and lazy, and havent had any issues whatsoever with the license (it's not suspended, just expired), which includes flying domestically. The TSA guy gave me a heads up as a friendly reminder but otherwise didnt care. But Best Buy is another story as we all know trading in a videogame is straight up CIA Homeland shit. 


After the CSR said she couldnt do it cause the "system" wouldnt allow it, I asked for the manager but he wasnt there so a young assistant manager who was closing that night came over (nothing to do w/ the story, but she completely drew her eyebrows on and made them HUGE. It looked so awful I was almost embarrassed for her. Almost..). I asked her to override it considering I have traded in there dozens of times, and how I've not encountered a single problem with my license including TSA until now, and she gave me the usual B.S. and how BB uses some special database blah blah blah. After getting her information, I walk out and drive to GameStop. As I'm trading in DA Inquisition, I share my story w/ the GS employee and we make fun of BB for a couple minutes, while another employee jumps in the conversation and explains how recently she decided to completely stop shopping there due to bad experiences even tho it's right across the street. Meanwhile, the trade-in goes smooth w/o a hiccup (no issue w/ license) and takes about a minute, maybe two max, compared to almost half an hour at BB. They were real chill and the one who was helping me out at the counter was actually kinda hot. 


GameStop: 2 for 2 (signed up for PUR a few weeks ago and my first experience w/ the local GS was excellent)

Worst Buy: 0-for Life


I almost forgot: right when I got home, I went to BB's website and successfully completed an online trade-in for Madden. It initially showed the extra value for GCU, but the final one did not for some reason. Haven't sent it in yet.


Anyway, if the coupon code isn't specific and there's a copy/PDF of it, or if it is unique and someone has an extra one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.