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Posted 11 January 2016 - 03:51 PM

I think its just in election years. To provide a link for what I was talking about




Again basically just states Democrats have just a few million on hand so Schultz has floated an idea that would put tax payers on the hook for around 20 million. It just does not sit right with me at all and if Democrats can not raise money it says a lot about how unenthusiastic people are for our flag bearers(Schultz, Clinton and Obama)at the moment.


Lets be honest how many of us Democrats want to call ourselves Democrats and how many of us just do so because the racism and ignoring of history on the other side? How many people in the Democratic party can you say you just REALLY respect? Now among the few like Sherrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren people might name....so few have any power in the party and sooooo few non politics wonks know who they are.