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How to make purchases for sub-account Playstation TV

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Posted 30 December 2015 - 02:24 AM

Ok.  I got the kids to agree that we will use my son's sub-account on the PSTV, because he is the one concerned about PS4 remote play, and that seems to work properly only if setup that way.


Now, I need to understand the other nuances of purchasing content for the PSTV, particularly cross-buy titles.


I have three specific examples in mind to start:


  1. I already installed the Lego Movie game to my master account before I knew any of this BS with accounts.  If I lose it, I think the kids will get over it, but can I install it on the sub-account, or beg Sony to move it to the sub-account?
  2. I own many Zen Pinball tables.  Can I install those on the sub-account, or would they have to be repurchased?
  3. I think that my daughter might be interested in some games like AquaKitty - Milk Mine Defender DX.  Since those are cross-buy for PS4, how does that work?  My main purpose would be to buy it for the PSTV to play directly, but it would be nice to have it on the main account for the PS4.  So, do I have the choice to buy it on the main account and install it on the sub-account on the PSTV, or do I have to funnel it through the sub-account?

Thanks, in advance.


Edit:  Also, seeing some of the PS Plus sale pricing on some games, it might be significant to know how that works with sub-accounts.  <sigh>  Why must this system be so complicated!