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RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

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Posted 08 February 2016 - 08:53 PM


I'm with Crotch on this. It's a great game and can be played through currently, but not really to its fullest potential until some more patches come out. It's marred by a lot of little bugs and some serious issues with a couple of settings that shouldn't really exist with a game of this graphical fidelity or gameplay. Though the foliage in that screenshot above is pretty nice.


Pistols are definitely better than the previous game and they did indeed nerf squadsight. It's still damn good and Kill Zone is brutal... when it doesn't bug out. I'm having the most fun with my katana wielding rangers and various grenade types on my grenadiers. I also like that mods aren't equipped in the utility slot anymore but somewhat saddened that I can't remove them once equipped. I don't know how it works with weapon upgrades as I didn't really use them until I got plasma weapons. I pimped out my sniper and wish I had more superior mods to spread the love.


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Posted 11 February 2016 - 12:22 AM

Well, I've now seen the biggest bug yet in X-Com 2.


A lancer got a couple steps into its movement, the game hitched, and then suddenly he was right on top of my grenadier. He attacked (missed), and then got shot by an overwatch that he should have already triggered. He then ceased existing for a couple seconds and reappeared in another location about 1.5 moves away before attacking me again.


EDIT: Oh hey it's not just me.



Also, what the Fuck?