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Near Riverview & Brandon, FL, Xbox 360 Kiosk(s)

Xbox 360 Kiosk Florida FL Riverview Brandon 360 Kiosk

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Posted 07 February 2016 - 04:50 AM

I have a few Xbox 360 Kiosks for sale and I am open to any offers, trades for other kiosks or money, games. If it is gaming-related or game-like or money, high odds of being interested! I can provide more pictures or them running, they are complete and they are all different models. I cleaned them very meticulously so they either look good or one looks brand new. Additionally, they were restored to look factory new, both inside and out. They all have the TV/DVD remote with them.


I never played an Xbox system till I owned this kiosk. I was always more Playstation when it came to consoles and PC overall when it came to games but this was an awesome introduction to the Xbox 360 system. I have read a lot of problems or heard them bought brand new and taken back the same day but with them but I have yet to run into any. It does have 2-3 fans running to keep it cool in the kiosk. I also took one entirely apart and rebuilt it so I knew what every cord did that went every other direction. It all looked very confusing so curiosity got the best of me on that.


The first comes with a custom TV(not the 23" inch standard Samsung) with a place to hold a guitar on the side for guitar hero. The kiosk is complete with Medusa and all cords and two BLACK controllers still good condition and a Black Xbox 360(I will find out the variant, elite, or w/e). The demo mode has been disabled so I could play online with it. I LOVE this one, I have a seat perfect height for me to sit and play for hours. I will add pictures on request(what would you like to see?).  Also, demo mode can be re-enabled via Medusa on any of the Kiosks.


The second comes with the original 23" Samsung TV but no slot to hold a guitar but looks the best of the three, very clean! Again, this comes with Medusa complete and two WHITE (more like yellowish but easy enough to replace, didn't bother since the controllers still worked great and didn't have the rubber ripped in any way) controllers and a White Xbox 360(I am assuming this is the original). I do have the White Wi-Fi Adapter that goes with it.(Yes, demo mode has been disabled) As far as looks go, aside from the controllers, it looks brand new, easily the newest appearing of the bunch. Easy on the eyes, if you catch my drift. ^.^ I actually also decked it out with a multi-AV cord so it can hook up Playstations/Wii, etc. 


The last comes with the original 23" Samsung, no slot for the guitar and two BLACK controllers. The controllers look great but looks(in my opinion) the oldest of the three. This actually came with a SILVER plated(does NOT look like the original Xbox 360 but silver is awesomeness) Xbox 360. It is the only one with the original poster at the bottom half. Also, I think it is a White Xbox 360 model. This is the one I disassembled and reassembled so it will look the most authentic of the bunch on the inside. I literally placed tie straps that it had none of originally and wire loons for the controllers, etc. This also has the Medusa, again, partly disabled to remove demo mode.


Any of these can have the Medusa fully re-enabled and thus boring demo mode. They also have those original plastic controllers and of course the key to unlock them! I actually only have one key..yet..works on all 3 despite different models. I wonder what else it could unlock. That reminds me, I need to make copies.


Also, I can get pictures for all, I just need to know what you'd like to see. I will probably post a full body shot while running when I am not feeling lazy(and not enough posts >_<, request going!). Like I said, looking for other kiosks(older ones, Game Cube! N64! or newer, either or really) or other gaming relics. Money never hurt or games or combination. Just offer and I will take a look. I also have a Wii Kiosk..but maybe another thread for that later? Anyway, thanks for the read/look, happy gamin'!



The Holy Grail of Xbox 360 Kiosks!



Sorry about the quality. It wouldn't let me post pictures at first, here are some though.