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Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

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Posted Today, 02:59 PM



Looking forward to the sequels.


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Posted Today, 04:26 PM

That's really good. I'm so excited! Already bought my tickets for the local showing next month. :)


Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight Releases In Japan On December 6 For Free

Wasn't expecting this to be free, looks like I got a reason to bust out the VR in December. (I honestly haven't used it in months)

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Posted Today, 05:50 PM

Disgaea 6 please.

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Posted Today, 06:03 PM

I just got done watching Fate stay night Unlimited Blade Works for the very first time.   It was good, but not as grand as I was expecting.   Maybe its a thing with me, that I always tend to like the first movie in a trilogy, or the original source material the most.  I expected a lot more story development with both Illya and Sakura. 


Really looking forward to seeing Heaven's Feel now that I've finally watched and enjoyed all three series. 

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Posted Today, 06:21 PM

Chris Redfield returns in the latest video for Not a Hero and End of Zoe



Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets Tons of Screenshots and Videos: Blades and More


Japanese Retailer Raffles Right to Buy Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Bundle Due to High Demand



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Posted Today, 07:15 PM

Culdcept Revolt has some limited time DLC available:


Just sign up there and you'll get a DLC code sometime after signups are closed. They close October 16th at 10AM Pacific, which is Monday. It includes Challenge from Hell (Quest + Map) & Soltis Book Cover DLC.

I got an email with the DLC code, but it doesn't seem to be redeemable yet. I simply got an error code.

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Posted Today, 07:42 PM

I got an email with the DLC code, but it doesn't seem to be redeemable yet. I simply got an error code.

Do you own the game? It must be redeemed in game.

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Posted Today, 07:58 PM

Yes to Nier sequels. Yes to adult video. No to Drakengard.