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Earn Money & Gift Cards Nearly Passively (Easy $30+ a month)

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Posted 04 July 2016 - 08:36 PM

Since I'm not a fan of doing surveys or offer walls I'm going to focus more on passive and less time-consuming ways to earn money. Doing all of the following every day should net you at least $30 in a month. More if you run Earnhoney and KoinMe at the same time. 
Earnhoney is a site where you can passively play videos on your computer and earn points towards PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or many different charities. They also have surveys and other offers but the videos are the main focus of the site. For users in US, CA, and the UK. Works the best by far in the US though.
What I do is if I'm going to be away from my computer for a while I'll start Earnhoney and let it run until I need the computer again. The money shown in the screenshot ($45 in a month) was made by running 2 computers whenever they were not in use. So I mostly run it when I was in bed since I work from home.
Some tips:
- The squares below the video on the left will turn green to indicate that you are earning points. Red squares mean the window isn't in focus which will earn you less.
- Check "Hot Sites" section in the User Panel to see which video sites will work best with your machine.
- Don't go over over 100hd ($1) an hour or you risk getting banned. Don't worry though, it's pretty hard to do unless your running dozens of windows or have access to a lot of computers.
- Don't play it in tabs, the windows should be view-able.
- It might be common sense but make sure your ad blocker is turned off :)
- Chrome works well for me but other people use Firefox and Vivaldi. Don't use Opera or you wont be credited since it has a built in adblocker.
- Keep an eye out for special events that can earn you more points. They can be seen on the banner at the top of the offers page.
KoinMe is another passive video site very similar to Earnhoney. I find it to be more consistent and less error prone. It caps out at a $1 a day but it's very easy to hit that by just leaving it on every night when you go to bed. You can redeem various gift cards like Amazon, Steam Wallet, Walmart, and Best Buy and it usually take anywhere between a couple days or a couple weeks to email it to you. All in all a very simple and straightforward site.
Note: The site is currently invite only so it may take some time for you to get invited. I believe they send them out at the end of the month.
Qmee is a browser add-on that shows you ads on the left side of the screen when you search for certain keywords on Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and Ebay. The ads tend to range from 5 to 14 cents. All you need to do is click one when you see it and the amount will be credited to your "piggybank." Simple as that! The best thing about it though is there is no minimum to cashout to PayPal and it's instant. For people that live in the US, UK, Australia or Canada.
Find keywords that work here: https://www.reddit.com/r/QMEE/
That's it for now but I'm planning on adding more in the future. 

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I paid off my Persona 5 Premium Edition pre-order.



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So whats in it for you?

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