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Titanfall 2 - Open Multiplayer Tech Test Now Open!

titanfall tech test beta

#1 lightd93  


Posted 19 August 2016 - 01:40 PM

Xbox One Version : https://www.microsof...st/bw02m3nt714p


For you Xbox guys out there. The Tech test just came out today and I've heard great things about it so far. Haven't had a chance to play it myself. Enjoy!


Edit: Link for Ps4 version http://www.cheapassg...DQ&pid=13436107


Thanks for that Digital Devil!


Also: "if you can't play this weekend, it will be available next weekend as well. Runs from Friday til Sunday and same thing next week for both platforms. PC will see a release of the full game at launch but no test in the meantime."

Thanks Mythplus! Wasn't sure myself when it was going to end.