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Half Price Books BLACK FRIDAY Ad- 20% off everything in store

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Ferrari Racer

Posted Today, 03:52 PM



Store opens 11/25 at 9am.


They still sell used gaming stuff right? I haven't been there in a couple years.

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Posted Today, 03:54 PM

They do, but their prices are all over the place.

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Posted Today, 03:59 PM

so it begins...


Thanks for donating!

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Bobby's Beasting!

Posted Today, 04:07 PM

So GCU pricing for one day? lol
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Posted Today, 04:24 PM

They do 50% off coupons often enough to make this not that great.

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Posted Today, 04:36 PM

The nearest place for me, really sucks.  Most of their old games are mostly sports, and they may be PS2/PS3 titles, but nothing worth buying even with 20 percent off.  I really HATE how they have season dvd sets, as separate discs and they look really funky considering maybe they're 3 bucks a piece, then if u were to get 5 discs, that is like 15 dollars, whereas I can get a good looking dvd set for 20 or lower if on sale and brand new.  If they were smart about it, just put all those discs together and sell it for a reasonable price.  Considering it's Black Friday, I really doubt anyone is going to go there just to buy used products as most people are looking to buy NEW products for their friends and families.

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Posted Today, 04:39 PM

Here I am saying to myself why in the world are we getting black f....well,it's nearly November isn't it.

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Posted Today, 07:12 PM

I can usually find a gem or two at a good price at HPB.