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Zelda Breath of the Wild Special/Master Editions, Amiibo- Preorders.

ventilation thread zelda limited

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Posted Yesterday, 02:59 PM

I don't know if I'm in right thread. Also new to both cheap and now in stock.
I signed up for notifications for the $99 special edition Zelda game set.
So I keep get notifications that TRU has it in stock, way early in more ~6:30am est.
I've been on top of it a few time, awake and on TRU.
I've never seen it go in stock.
Is this a glitch, a joke or real.
How to they get these alerts on nowinstock.

Opinions vary, I think it's a glitch or like literally one comes in stock.

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Posted Yesterday, 10:48 PM

Amazon has shipped my Arts and Artifacts limited edition. 

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Posted Today, 06:03 AM

Amazon has shipped my Arts and Artifacts limited edition.

Same. Were you charged $20.37 before tax? I wonder when the priced dropped.

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i Heart INdie

Posted Today, 06:41 AM

I want to order this so bad... but I now that I'll never use it! :-/


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