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Cheap is it a myth

#1 kess123  

Posted 19 April 2017 - 12:43 PM


Cheaper (long term)

So you might be thinking “isn’t a gaming PC expensive?” Well yes it can be, but overtime you would have spent less money on your PC than your console because games on PC are so much cheaper. You can get games only a fraction of the price on a PC than what it would cost on consoles, deals can go from 50% to 90% off every week on Steam.

If a component in your PC fails like your Blue-ray drive then you can purchase another one and swap it out by literally just sliding a new one in and it only taking a few minutes. Unlike a console you would have to send it back to the manufacturer and wait weeks or even months to get it fixed.

No huge upgrades like buying an entire system, instead if you want a boost in performance you can purchase new PC components over time giving you decent or drastic changes in performance or you can turn down the game settings to increase performance.