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[H] My whole blu ray/dvd collection (some used, some new/sealed) (Just about every genre) [W] Paypal

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 02:38 AM

(Update:  Dropped the pricing on the blu rays and dvds down 1 dollar.)


This list is basically my personal collection of blu rays and dvds.  Going all digital and not needing these anymore, and figure any money made on this will go towards home improvement projects.


All items are either listed as used or new.  Anything new is still sealed.  Anything used has no digital codes included.  Anything listed as BR of course has Blu rays, DVD is DVD, and slip means slipcover is included.  


1 - 3 items will be shipped for $3.  Anything more than that I’ll have to calculate and give you a cheap price on it, as I'm pretty flexible with shipping :) Payments through paypal only.  If anyone wants pics of the movies, I don't mind doing that for serious offers.  




New sealed DVDs

13th warrior DVD new $3

Blue chips DVD new  $15  OOP

Night of the living dead millennium Edition DVD New   $5

Ren and stimpy season 1 and 2 dvd new  $7

The program DVD new   $5

Todd and the book of pure evil season 2 DVD new  $6


New Sealed Blu Rays

Beetlejuice BR new  $5

Bill and ted's excellent adventure BR new  $7

Black sheep BR new  $7

Darkman BR Slip new Shout   $13

Days of the Dead BR new slip Shout   $13

Dragonheart BR new  $5

Double feature man on fire out of time BR new  $5

Futurama Beast with a billion backs DVD new

Happily never after BR new  $10

Harsh times BR new  $11

Incredibly ever after BR new slip  $10

Ghost in the shell 25th BR new Slip  $6

Juan of the dead BR new   $7

JCVD br new   $10

John Carpenter’s Body Bags BR DVD Slip new  Shout   $16

Juno BR new   $6

Futurama Vol 7 BR new   $14

Knights of badassdom BR new slip   $5

Lord Of Illusion BR Slip new Shout  $16

Money train BR new   $8

Muay thai warrior BR slip new   $10

Necessary evil DC comics BR DVD slip new   $5

Never Sleep Again Elm Street BR New  $11

Ninja Scroll the motion picture BR new  $11

Pee wee's big adventure BR New   $5

Saving general yang BR slip new   $10

Say anything br new  $5

Robin hood men in tights BR new   $10

Sky high BR new  $5

Tremors Attack Pack BR Slip new    $12

Texas chainsaw the beginning unrated BR new  $10

The benchwarmers BR new  $5

The brothers grimm BR new  $5

Snitch BR new   $5

The green mile BR new  $5

The internship BR DVD new   $5

The resurrection painted skin BR New   $7

The scorpion King 3 BR DVD new  $5

Total Recall BR new   $5

Triple Feature Demolition Man Over the top Tango and cash BR Slip New   $7

Troll hunter BR new   $7

X Men days of future past BR3D BR Slip new  $11


$4 Blu Rays

10 Cloverfield Lane BR DVD slip

13 going on 30 BR

15th anniversary edition the frighteners BR

2012 BR

25th anniversary princess bride BR DVD

25th evil dead 2 BR

28 Days later BR

28 Weeks Later BR

3 amigos BR

40 year old virgin BR DVD

50 first dates BR

A knight's tale BR

A very Harold and kumar Christmas extra dope BR DVD Slip

A walk in the clouds BR

Action Double Feature Bloodsport timecop BR

After.life BR

All about steve BR

American Psycho Uncut BR

Anastasia BR

Apt Pupil BR

Army of Darkness BR

Assassins BR

At world's end BR DVD Slip

AVP unrated 2 pack BR Case

Babylon AD BR

Badass 2 Badasses BR

Badass BR

Batman Beyond Return of the joker BR

Batman under the red hood BR

Be kind rewind BR

Beerfest Unrated BR

Behind the Mask BR

Benny and Joon BR

Big Trouble in little china BR

Blade Trinity BR

Book of blood midnight meat train Double Feature BR

Bram Stoker's Dracula BR

Braveheart BR

Bucket list BR

Bullet to the head BR DVD slip

Bulletproof monk BR

Camille BR

Castaway BR

Cellular BR

Chronicle BR DVD Slip

City Slickers CE BR

Cliffhanger BR

Cloverfield BR

Clue the movie BR

Cobra BR

Coming to America BR slip

Commando BR

Conan the barbarian BR

Conan the Destroyer BR

Creepshow 2 BR

Creepshow BR

Crouching tiger hidden dragon BR

Corpse Bride BR

Dark city BR directors cut

Dead in tombstone BR DVD

Dead snow 2 BR

Death Race 2 BR DVD

Death Race 3 BR DVD Slip

Death Race BR

Deathgasm BR

Dodgeball BR

Dogma BR

Don’t be afraid of the dark  BR

Doom BR

Double Impact BR

Dr Horrible's sing along blog BR

Eastern promises BR

Escape from LA BR

Escape from new York BR DVD

Escape Plan BR DVD slip

Evil dead BR

Fearless  BR

FF The spirits within BR

Fight Club 10th BR

Flight of the phoenix BR

Forgetting sarah marshall BR DVD

French kiss BR

Futurama Into the wild green yonder BR

Futurama vol 6 BR

Gamer BR

George romero's diary of the dead BR

Ghosts of girlfriends past BR

God bless America BR

Ghost town BR

Godzilla 2000 BR

Grand Torino BR

Groundhog day 15th BR

Hazel Gretel Witch Hunter BR DVD slip

Hatchet 3 BR

Harold and Kumar Escape Unrated BR

Hellboy 2 BR

Hellboy Director's Cut BR DVD

Hidalgo BR

Hitch BR

Holy Man BR

Horns BR

Horton Hears a Who BR

Hot Fuzz BR

I love you man BR

I sell the dead BR

In Time BR DVD

Inception BR DVD Slip

Inglourious Basterds BR DVD Slip

Interview with a vampire BR

Jet Li’s Hero BR

Johnny Mnemonic BR

Kindergarten cop BR

Kung fu dunk BR

Kung fu Hustle BR

Kung fu panda 2 BR

Kung fu panda BR

Lady in the water BR

Land of the dead unrated BR

Law abiding citizen Unrated BR

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen BR

Leap year BR

Let me in BR

Life after people BR

Logans Run BR

Machete BR Slip

Maid of honor BR

Maniac cop BR

Momento BR

Monster brawl BR

Monster House BR

Monty python grail BR

Mortal Kombat BR

My cousin vinny Br

My name is bruce BR

Neverland BR slip

Nims island BR

Office space special edition BR

Olympus has fallen BR

Over the top BR

Pan's Labyrinth BR Slip

Phantom of the opera BR

Planet 51 BR DVD

Planet hulk BR

Point Break BR

Pontypool  European BR

Postman BR

PS I love you br

Pulp Fiction BR

Punisher War Zone BR

Quarantine BR

Rec  (European) BR

Re-Cycle BR

Red riding hood alternate cut BR

Replicant BR

Repo Men BR

Robocop Unrated Director's BR

Robots BR

Role Models BR

Samurai Princess BR

Scooby Doo 1 and 2 pack BR

Scott Pilgrim Vs the world BR

See no evil BR

See no evil hear no evil BR

Shaun of the dead BR

She's out of my league BR

Silent Hill BR

Sinister BR Slip

Snatch BR Slip

South Park Bigger Longer Uncut BR Slip

Spaceballs BR

Spongebob Movie BR DVD

Stardust BR

Stealing Harvard BR

Street fighter extreme edition BR

Suckerpunch BR

Super 8 BR DVD Slip

Sweeney Todd BR

Taken 2 BR DVD slip

Taken BR

Taking of Pelham 123 BR

Ted unrated BR DVD Slip

Texas chainsaw massacre remake BR

The Battle of the warriors BR

The book of eli BR

The boondock saints 2 BR

The boondock saints BR

The golden compass BR

The cable guy BR 15th

The collection BR Slip

The collector BR

The croods BR DVD slim pack

The crow BR

The dark crystal BR

The dead BR

The expendable BR DVD Slip

The fifth element BR

The goonies BR

The hangover part 2 BR

The hangover unrated BR Slip

The happening BR

The jewel of the nile BR

The Last Samurai BR

The last stand BR Slip

The legend of zorro BR

The life of brian BR

The lorax BR older

The man from nowhere BR

The mist BR

The one BR

The other woman BR   Slip

The patriot BR

The prestige BR

The promise BR

The prophecy BR collection 4 movies

The protector BR

The punisher Thomas Jane BR

The quest BR

The rundown BR

The ugly truth BR

This is spinal tap BR

The slammin salmon BR

The Thing BR

Transporter BR

Transporter 2 BR

Transporter 3 BR

Trick r treat BR

Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning BR

Unknown BR

Van helsing BR


Waiting BR

Wayne's world 2 BR

Wedding crashers BR

You got mail BR

Zack and miri make a porno BR

Zombie Hunter BR

Zombie strippers BR

Zombieland BR


$5 Blu Rays


Big Lebowski book edition BR

Cirque Du Soleil BR 3D BR DVD   Slip

Cloud Atlas BR DVD Slip

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 BR DVD Slip

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs BR DVD

Cowboys and aliens BR DVD slip

Crank crank 2 double pack BR

Gods of Egypt BR  Slip

Grindhouse double feature BR slip

Last Starfighter BR DVD

Last Vegas BR DVD Slip

King kong BR DVD slip

Hercules BR DVD  Slip (Dwayne Johnson version)

Machete Kills BR DVD slip

Machine gun preacher BR DVD

Mama BR DVD   Slip

Million ways to die in the west BR DVD Slip

Minions BR DVD Slip

Monsters VS aliens BR DVD

Mulan BR DVD slip live action

Now you see me BR DVD

Pain and Gain BR DVD Slip

Penguins BR DVD slip

Pet sematary BR slip lens

Pitch Perfect BR DVD

Predators BR Slip

Prometheus BR DVD Slip

Puss in boots BR DVD Slip

Rango BR DVD

Rise of the guardians BR DVD

Safe house BR DVD slip

Stand by me 25th BR Slip

Terminator 2 judgment day Skynet edition BR slip

Seven Psychopaths BR Slip

Texas chainsaw Massacre 2 BR

Texas chainsaw BR BR3D Slip

The grey BR DVD Slip

The guest BR DVD  Slip

The raid redemption unrated BR

The woman in black BR   Slip

This is the end BR DVD Slip

Troll 2 BR

Tucker and Dale BR

Unleashed BR DVD

Warm Bodies BR  Slip

You're Next BR DVD   Slip


$6 Blu Rays


3 pack Day after tomorrow the terminator I robot BR

300 the complete experience BR book

4 film Dracula 2000, 2 ascension, 3 and they BR

4 film dusk til dawn BR

Abraham Lincoln 3D BR DVD

Bordello of Blood BR Slip Shout Factory

Coraline BR DVD Slip w/ 3d glasses

Django Unchained BR DVD Slip

Jack the Giant Slayer BR3d BR DVD  Slip

Evil Dead Remake BR  Slip

Expendables 2 BR Slip

Expendables 3 BR DVD

Fast and the furious 6 BR DVD Steelbook

Star Trek BR 3 disc  Slip

The breakfast club BR DVD slip

The protector 2 BR Slip

The last Unicorn BR DVD

The Lorax BR DVD Slip newer

The raven BR DVD slip

Tinman BR

War of the arrows BR DVD Slip


$7 Blu Rays


Akira BR

Deadpool BR DVD slip

Demon Knight BR Slip Shout Factory

Despicable Me 2 BR3d BR DVD Slip

Despicable Me BR DVD Slip

Epic BR3D BR DVD Slip

Ghostbusters 1 and 2 BR book

Godzilla Tokyo SOS and Godzilla Final Wars BR

Godzilla vs Destroyah and Godzilla Vs Megaguirus BR

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah and Godzilla and mothra battle for earth BR

Godzilla Vs Mecha God 2 and Godzilla vs space Godzilla BR

Hotel Transylvania 2 BR DVD Slip

Hotel Transylvania BR3d BR DVD Slip

How the universe works BR

How to train your dragon 2 BR DVD Slip

Life of pi 3D BR BR DVD Slip

Rebirth of mothra 1 2 3 BR

Star Trek into darkness BR3D BR DVD Slip

Texas chainsaw Ultimate Edition BR

The return of the living dead BR DVD

The sandlot 20th BR DVD Slip

The silence of the lambs BR DVD

Total Recall BR DVD Steelbook

UHF Special Edition BR Slip

Resident Evil 1 Steelbook BR

Resident evil apocalypse BR steel

Resident Evil Degeneration BR steelbook

Resident Evil Extinction Steelbook BR


$10 Blu Rays


Mad max fury road BR3d BR DVD Slip

Mr Peabody and Sherman BR3D BR DVD Slip

Ong bak trilogy BR slip

Pacific Rim BR 3D BR DVD Slip

Paranorman BR3D BR DVD Slip

Phantasm 2 Shout Factory Limited BR   Slip

Robocop Trilogy BR Slip

Saw the complete movie collection BR

Touch of love 3D BR BR3D

Triple feature above the law under siege 1 and 2 BR slip

Triple feature Twister Poseidon the perfect storm BR Slip

Triple feature V for vendetta watchmen director's constantine BR Slip

Vengeance trilogy Br


$12 Blu Rays


Rambo the complete collection BR


$14 Blu Rays


Akira BR slip 25th

Riddick the complete collection BR Slip

Zombi 2 disc ultimate Edition BR




Rocko's Modern Life Complete Series DVD - $16

Trigun badland rumble BR slip  $8

Trigun complete series DVD slip  $20

Vampire hunter D BR  $14


$16 Blu Rays


Dragon Ball z resurrection of F  BR DVD slip Collector's Edition

The lego movie Everything is awesome edition 3D BR3D BR DVD Plastic outer box that has dents in it, along with toy figure

Mad max trilogy BR metal pack


$3 DVDs


Dirty Work DVD

Double Feature Max Overdrive Raw Deal DVD

FDR American Badass DVD

Fido DVD

Haunting DVD

Imagine me and you DVD

Pcu dvd

Samurai cop DVD

Stay alive DVD

Screwball DVD

Shaolin Soccer DVD

The goods DVD

Vampires DVD

Vampires Los Muertos DVD

Warlock DVD


$4 DVDs


Bob's burgers season 1 DVD

Futurama Vol 1 DVD

Futurama Vol 2 DVD

Futurama Vol 3 DVD

Futurama Vol 4 DVD



Halloween Collection BR w/ outer slip style box  - $27





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Posted 18 May 2017 - 10:37 PM


Was hoping you had that Friday the 13th Complete Collection

Sadly you don't lol

GLWS though

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 10:20 PM

Haha, I actually did up till last month.  Saw what it was going on ebay for and sold it to a guy in europe.   :)

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Posted 24 May 2017 - 10:40 PM

Bump :P

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Posted 03 June 2017 - 10:06 PM

Bump with price drop on the blu rays and dvds in the big group listings.

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 01:26 AM


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