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Posted Today, 07:36 AM

So I checked out my codes for Rocket League and Lego Batman Movie and the movie turns out to be a code for Rocket League.

Sent an email to customer service but will contact the store in the morning.

Anyone get a resolution to this situation?

So far I'm getting the run-around from CS. But then again, I received no codes on my receipt at all so my situation is slightly different.

While waiting it out with CS, I decided to see if the store in question could help me. They said they would call me back when they had an answer. Yeah right.

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#4382 pitfallharry219  


Posted Today, 07:46 AM

I noticed one TIV change tonight. Mario Party 10 jumped $3 to $20 base.





#4383 dudebythepool  


Posted Today, 08:29 AM

Any inventory checker online that actually works to show if a store has multiple copies of a game in stock? 

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Posted Today, 08:47 AM

Did anyone else get an email today about your Rewards Points setting being changed?

Apparently because I'm not PUR Pro anymore, my points are automatically no longer set to stockpile but to issue out rewards certs every 5000 points.
It says I have until the 27th (4 days from now) to change it back. I changed it back without any issue.

Some sneaky fucking shit. Not sure what no longer being a Pro member has to do with your Rewards Points setting.

BestBuy does the same thing. You can't bank your points unless you're an elite member. No big deal. At least you saw it and actually have the option to bank points still.