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Tekken 7 - Game Review

Tekken 7 PS4 XB1 PC Game Review

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 03:18 AM



Here is our review for Tekken 7. 


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Tekken 7 - Here Comes the Next Fighter
Tekken 7 us a culmination of years of Evolution by tweaking the series to be a more approachable and customization jaunt for fans as well as newcomers. Tekken had me absorbed the entire time playing up till I platinum-ed the Game. I spent several hours enthralled by playing treasure mode acquiring new gear, new outfits and when I won in a consecutive manner I was awarded with special items and stages. This mode is my favorite mode of any Tekken series to this date. Besides Treasure mode there is Story mode that concludes the Mishima story line and is presented in a serviceable vignette cut scenes that vary in rendered movie scenes and in game engine cut scenes. In comparison to most other fighters on the market. Tekken keeps up with most fighting games standards besides injustice 2 for story mode. One cool plus was the addition of Bonus chapters which are a series of one stage fight story missions that flesh out most characters backstories. Since my first impressions I am happy to say that Bandai Namco has mitigated the online woes that were my only reason holding me from telling everyone to buy this title then. My online time was short but I played a lot of ranked and finished second in a online tournament, as well as playing a player match. Though player matches felt lop sided due to skill and wait times. Customization wise I loved due to being able to make my favorite main character look way different or have a halo while wearing bear backpack. Tekken 7 is my second must buy title of 2017 and will give anyone who enjoys fighters a unending amount of fun with it's fluid fighting system, driving sounds that push you into the next battle. this game will no doubt be on broke left stick games top 10 games of 2017. If you like what you see here please like and subscribe. we appreciate you stopping by and we will see you soon.