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The Town of Light - Game Review

The town of light Town of light Ps4 Xb1 Pc Game review

#1 Tribsinia  


Posted 22 June 2017 - 02:14 PM


Here is our video review for The Town of Light:

Also here is the Transcript for the review for those who don't want to watch the video.

Here is the Transcript:

Town of Light - A gritty truth based walking sim

Town of light level of graphic images caught me off guard but wasn't super inappropriate and was done tastefully. The subject matter is taken from real tales regarding mental health. In a past like I worked as a mental health professional and know this game has done a amazing job of pointing out and discussing the stigma's people have of asylum and of state hospitals and why people have a fear of mental health. This touches on all the tropes associated with mental health and plays off those fears. Looking at it from a game standpoint its a horror walking sim made in the same vein of a gone home but closer to everyone has gone to the rapture for fluidity. There are a lot of technical challenges from long load times to jutter and a a ton of jaggies everywhere but I never experienced a blue screen kick. The play time for 100% completion come sin around 2 and a half hours using a guide which we have on our channel if you wanna check it out. I will say it was easy to get through and though its imagery is disturbing. It's story is decent and believable. those state hospitals and asylums where horrible and this game definitely depicts them in their proper light. I would suggest playing this game. It's already at a budget price and it's a good 2 hour ride. Plus for Platinum trophy hunters this game is a slam dunk for the Platinum. If you like what you see here please like subscribe, comment and check our links. We here at broke left stick games appreciate you stopping by and we will see you soon.