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#4561 FlawlessImage  


Posted Today, 10:40 AM

I'm watching too much news. I thought that you said Richard Spencer and I was like "oh no you don't, mother fuc.... Wait... PHIL Spencer..."

Yeah I'm not a tiki torch carrier I have a black wife lol.

#4562 CamperinaBush   Games! CAGiversary!   87 Posts   Joined 4.2 Years Ago  


Posted Today, 11:54 AM

In case anyone else is excited for Path of Exile (free to play) on the XB1, it's releasing on Thursday, August 24.

source: https://majornelson....100000000766673

I've been playing the beta and thoroughly enjoying it. Not having a mouse cursor can be challenging at times when a lot of loot drops in the same place, but it's a great ARPG!


#4563 Sielanas  

Posted Today, 12:13 PM

Here is the link to preorder --> https://www.microsof...le/BZL0234XFMQ5

Also, even though the game is "free to play," the only way to preorder the game is in a $20 bundle. Lame. Hopefully when it releases there will be a free option.

Why do you need to pre-order a free game?


#4564 Kristaps Schwartzingis  

Kristaps Schwartzingis

Posted Today, 12:23 PM

Ok, so yesterday I got the last two achievements in Bayonetta, but they didn't count in my overall gamerscore nor do they show in the Bayonetta achievement list. I'm stuck at 880/1000.

One thing that did happen while I was playing was I got a message saying "disconnected from Xbox Live". I checked the dashboard and it said I was still online. I figured it was nothing and kept playing. I wonder if that has anything to do with this. Anyone experience this too? Really frustrating to spend all those hours on a completion only to be fucked out of it.

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