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Nintendo Switch - General Discussion Thread

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Posted 24 November 2017 - 12:07 AM

If you did end up getting that and haven't sold it yet I'll pay the GCU price for it.  That's one game I'd just rather have on the system at all times than on a cart.  I ordered a copy from Best Buy and I'm still hoping a B2G1 happens before Christmas so I can also get Zelda and maybe Splatoon.


So, yeah, I was a day 1 adopter of both the Wii and Wii U but I held off on this system after not using either of those systems all that much.  Plus I thought the whole tablet/dock thing was pretty stupid and didn't like the degraded performance on the TV issue.  BUT... With Mario Odyssey being out and my son's birthday coming up and not knowing what stock would be like for the holidays I bought one a few weeks ago.


I recently picked up a Pro Controller for $10 off using a coupon (at Fred Meyer).  From what I've seen, that's about the best you can do for one of those.  I feel really weird buying a console for straight up full price (though I did order from Target with my Red Card so I got 5% off - whoo-hoo!) and a controller for nearly full price.  But my trade-in game has really dropped off in recent years so I don't have much Gamestop credit (and none at Best Buy or Amazon either).  Buying games for full price (even $48 with GCU) is also something I've never really done before but Mario Odyssey is an exception.  Like I said I'm still holding out hope for a B2G1 at Best Buy or TRU to use on a few more games.


I read the previous post about not really needing another set of Joy-cons and that was going to be one of my questions.  What about those joy-con grip things they sell?  The ones that put them together into a pseudo-controller.  Is one of those included in the box?  Is it worth getting?  Just want to make sure I have everything I need for my son's birthday in about a week.


Oh yeah, and I ordered a 128GB and 200GB microSD from Amazon from their Deal of the Day yesterday.  I figured I could use one of them in a camera or maybe even a 3DS if they can go that high.  This is still active by the way: $28.49 for the 128GB and $49.99 for the 200GB. https://www.amazon.c...k micro sd card