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Using an OS hard drive on a different PC?

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Posted 16 August 2017 - 07:36 PM

So... I am thinking of ways to recover old gaming accounts, my old Steam/Gamertag/EA login, etc., that have been long lost because of not only forgotten passwords and recovery emails, but forgotten screen names, all likely made with disposable emails and 4/20/1969-type birthdays you'd enter when you were in H.S.


It'd be nice to get back an Xbox account dating to the beta, for instance, and all my purchases, especially ones no longer for sale now (Midway 360 arcade games).


Then I remembered, I have an old desktop hard drive from a PC that fried close to five years ago. Had it not fried, I would have already been logged in to apps like Games For Windows, EA/Origin, and so on, and able to initiate a p/w or email change without first having to know them.


Well, I thought, just connect that drive to my new desktop and set bios to boot from it, launch those apps and good to go... but Windows crashes at boot, because it doesn't recognize the old hardware it was tied to.


Could someone tell me, or point me to, a way to fix the Windows 7 boot to allow the new hardware? I'm worried that even as late as W7 they were requiring the official DVD that came with your HP to "startup recover".


Much appreciated.