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Destiny 2 *Official* CAG Thread - Farmhands Wanted

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Posted 02 March 2021 - 06:13 AM

I jumped back in the other day and I'm as confused as ever.  I still had Beyond Light campaign items on my Warlock to do and I ended up getting a completely different exotic that I didn't even knew existed from it.  When I did my Titan I got some grenade launcher that I had to do the catalyst for.  I just assumed that was what Beyond Light gave us.  Now on my Warlock its a pulse rifle.  I guess its something different for a Hunter then?


And that's not even touching the new season activities.  I bought the pass for last season and I don't think I even did the seasonal-specific stuff.  I know I forgot to redeem all the packages I paid for.  D'oh!  My biggest complaint with this seasonal model is that they are way too short.


I also just realized I am way behind the power curve.  I had just started to break 1250 in the last season and now I see people at 1310!?  And I'm just barely, slowly, creeping up.  It would take weeks of grinding out weekly packages just to hit 1300 - and then it will jump again with the next season.  I saw that they are going to fix this later in the year by putting you just 10 below the cap when you start a new season.  That's nice but it isn't helping me now!

FYI - You can access last season's rewards by going here --> https://www.bungie.n.../PreviousSeason


Also, I HIGHLY recommend reading this blog post from last week.  They are making some pretty great changes to the game --> https://www.bungie.n...tail/News/50124