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Gamestop Deals (FAQ in 1st post)

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Current Ad is 9/20 - 9/26


Weekly Ad:



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(FAQ credit goes to Rustyra24 and kross036)




How do I find trade values?
https://www.gamestop.com/trade OR use the Gamestop app to find values.

Why does the Trade value say N/A or it’s not in their search system?
That game might ring up as 0.03 or 0.02. Some employees may take it but YMMV.


Do N/A games count towards a promo or bonus? (i.e. trade 6 games get 60%)

The POS (point of sale, the register) will count N/A games towards a specific promo or bonus, so if you needed a 6 game to get the trade 6 get 60% bonus, the N/A game will count towards the bonus, however it is YMMV if the associate will accept it. GS employees are supposed to destroy all N/A games taken in.



Can I create multiple accounts for trading? Why?

This again depends on whether or not you live in an ID state. If you don’t, you can create as many accounts as you want. If you do, you will need to get someone else to make an account with their ID. 


When do trade values change?

Values typically change on Wednesdays.


What is a stealth bump?
Typically, towards the last weekend of the month (usually on a Friday), GS will bump up certain games in trade value. The games that are bumped varies. Bumped games are typically based on what is in demand, or what GS deems to be a shortage in their supply.


How much are games typically bumped up to?

This also tends to vary, but we have seen some games get bumped upwards to $10+. On average, bumps range from the $5-$10 value (if they are bumped).


If I save my values on the Gamestop app will they honor them the next day?
No they won’t because their POS system rings in whatever the new value is currently. Don’t try arguing with the employees because sometimes they know less than you.


Can I stack multiple trade-in promos?
This is almost always a no, however the $5 trade coupon does stack with all promos, but is limited to a single use per transaction.


Can I trade-in sealed games?
No they only take open games. Please don’t buy new games and then open the game right in front of any employee. It’s lazy and it looks really bad. This is a one way ticket to ban city.


Does GS take Redbox games?

This is YMMV, but typically they should take them without any issue. If they do give you a problem, you can use a hairdryer to make the middle sticker on the disc easier to remove.


Do trade-ins have to have their original case, insert and manual?
Per GS policy, all stores SHOULD accept games without case, insert, manual etc. If an employee gives you a hard time, simply smile and take your trades to a different store. That being said, having game cases makes it easier for trades, and in my experience a lack of a case makes it more likely to be hit with a refurb fee.


Will they accept my game if it is really beat up?
You will be hit with a refurb fee or they won’t take it at all. Refurb fees vary based on the value of the game/console being traded in, and the more an item is worth the more the refurb fee will be.

Retro games do not get refurb fees. They are either accepted or rejected.

Can I trade in multiple copies of the same game?
Yes you can but only 4, per console, per rolling thirty days. This is a hard rule, and it is the easiest way to get a ticket to ban town. Make sure you keep track of how many of the same games you have traded in a 30 day period.


Can I trade in two of the same game, on the same platform at the same time?
Official store policy states that they are to limit one copy of the same game/platform. It is possible to get away with this by sneaking in multiple copies of a game in a large stack, but likely is not worth it and may get your account flagged. Instead, take your additional copy of the game to a different store.


Can I trade in the same game, but on different platforms at the same visit?

This is allowed, but is YMMV as some associates will see this as it still violating the one copy per day rule.

What is the trade limit?
You can trade in about $2000 worth of credit and $500 dollars cash in a rolling thirty days. These aren’t hard limits so you might not get banned if you go a little over these amounts. The flip side is that you could also be banned by getting close to the limit. That being said, it is better to err on the side of caution, and try not to get top close to the 2k limit within the rolling 30 days.

Here is a spreadsheet that can aid in tracking your trade amount within the 30 days: https://docs.google....t#gid=396782234

What happens if I am trade banned?
You won’t be able to trade for 90 days. Based on multiple bans and the offenses you could get banned forever.

Is there a way to check if I am banned online?

The only way to check and see if you are banned is by going in store and attempting a trade. If you are banned, the POS will not finalize the transaction and will say you have reached the trade limit.

Can I use my points if I am banned?
From what I understand you can still use your rewards points.

What is required to trade in a console?
A controller, Hdmi input, and the power cord. This goes for most systems. For Xbone/PS4, an official controller is required. For older systems, it is YMMV on what controller you trade in.

Should I format my console before trading it in?
This can be a catch 22 because it takes forever for them to test the machine. They should erase them after trade in but I don’t know if they do that. I would erase all pertinent information.

Can I trade in a defective/broken console?
Yes, but it will be hit with a refurb fee.



Where should I look for flips?

Pawn shops, flea markets, Facebook selling sites, and garage sales are all good places to look for games to flip for a profit.



Can I re-buy a game I just traded in?

No. Just no.



How much does a PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription cost?
It costs $14.99 a year, or 15,000 rewards points.


What are the benefits of becoming a pro member?

10% extra credit when trading, 10% off used games/accessories, a b2g1 coupon on pre-owned games. A subscription to Gamestop’s gaming rag, Game Informer. “Valuable” coupons. Special savings 4 times a year on PRO days.


What is a PRO day? When do they happen?

PRO Days happen quarterly, typically on a Saturday. In the past they have consisted of certain games going on sale, usually additional 10% off pre-owned games, and additional 10% extra in credit when trading. They also sometimes will have a b2g1 sale on all pre-owned games in store.

Can I renew my PRO membership online?


If I renew my membership before it is up, will I get another b2g1 coupon? Will my membership be extended?

Yes, however you are only able to have one b2g1 coupon per account.  Yes, by another year.


How long does it take for the b2g1 coupon to show up?

Typically it takes 24-48 hours to show up. If it hasn’t shown up by the 72 hour mark, contact customer service.


Do b2g1 coupons work on multiple sets of games?

As of now, the coupon you get for signing up/renewing pro gives a coupon that works with only ONE set of three games; i.e. the coupon will only allow you to get a third game free, not a sixth, ninth, etc.


What is Elite?

Elite is rolling out within the next month. It will be $30 instead of the $15 for PRO. As of now, members will receive 20% extra when trading, and 20% off pre-owned games and accessories. More info to come.

What should I spend my rewards points on?

This is kind of up to you, but some people like to save their points until Cyber Monday, when all reward certificates become half off; cyber Monday coupons expire within a month, however. The other thing to do with them is to renew PUR to get another b2g1 coupon.


Should I hoard my points, or will that raise suspicion?

This is something that GS employees will almost always comment on if you have points in the excess of the 100k range, and as such you may want to keep them under the 50k range so as to avoid suspicion.



What is Gamestop’s return policy?

New merchandise if opened can only be exchanged. Pre-owned stuff can be returned for full refund within 7 days of purchase, no questions asked.


Do store surveys actually matter?

GS employees do get rewarded accordingly for positive surveys. Also, this is one of the ways a store becomes a “Prestige” store; it is recommended to do surveys if able.


What is a Prestige Store?

A Prestige store is a GS store that has been recognized for exceptional customer service. Prestige stores offer Prestige Days quarterly, which typically include b2g1 on all pre-owned items, as well as 10% off and 10% trade-in.


Can I buy gift cards with trade credit or a Gamestop gift card?

The POS allows for the purchase of all gift cards with trade credit aside from Amazon, Visa, Ebay, and gas cards. It is YMMV though if an associate will allow it.


I want to brag about my awesome flips and deals!

Please use spoiler tags for sensitive information. Bragging about trades, deals, etc. will not be tolerated in the forum, and will be flagged for removal by a mod. LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS.


Can I see my transaction and trade-in history?

https://m.gamestop.com/poweruprewards/ , then go to Card Activity.




ASL/SL: Assistant Store Leader, Store Leader; manager positions at GS.

B2G1: Buy two, get one free. Typically refers to the coupon you receive when becoming Pro.

Boomerang: Purchasing a game at one GS, and then trading said game into another GS for profit.

Flipping: purchasing a game, and then trading said game into GS for a profit.

GCU/BB: Gamer’s Club Unlocked, Best Buy (usually for flipping)

GS: GameStop (duh)

JD: Junior detective, an employee who is out to get someone usually for trading, abusing promos, etc.

LS: Loss Prevention; this is the department that actually bans accounts after being flagged.

TC/TiC: Trade credit.

TIV/TV: Trade in value, or what a game currently trades for. When posting a TV for a game, always use the base value.

SB: Stealth Bump, an increase in TV usually at the end of a month.

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Because, well... I saw cool kids doing it

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When I renewed my coupon July they sent me 3 B2G1 coupons actually. It's only limited to games and accessories though!