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Estarland - Notifications question (is it a scam?)


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 01:24 PM

After hearing about estarland, I went to their retail location near Washington DC. Although, I'd heard about some problems with them on this forum, I decided that going there in person was a way to circumvent many of the issues people had mentioned.  They had a huge selection of systems and games. Most of their used products had been cleaned and shrink wrapped. I picked up a few games to add to my dreamcast collection and everything was in fantastic shape for used product. The prices for the games I picked up were fair. (They were within a few dollars +/- of what I expected to pay. I'd used online price chart sites as a guide)

The store had computers all around the shop so that you could check prices. While I was checking prices on the computers, I noticed that you could get a notification email for any out of stock games that you want. I went ahead and set notifications for all of the DC games I am missing. These are mostly junk sports games at this point.

I left with a great impression of the store.

A few days later I got notified about two games from my list were back in stock. Unfortunately, the prices they assigned to them were much higher than I'd expected. The first one was NFL Blitz 2001 for $14.75 (I'd expected to pay around $9 so this is at least 50% higher), the second game is NBA Hoopz for $31.95 (expected price $14, so more than 100% higher price)


This is a sharp contrast to the prices I'd found for all of the games I'd bought off the shelf in the store which were almost exactly what I had expected. I'm wondering if they look on their notification list and price items higher if they notice people waiting for them. I'd like to use their email notifications, but I'm starting to wonder. Maybe I should remove all of the games on my notify list and just manually check from time to time.


Anyone here have experience with their notification system?

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Posted 10 October 2017 - 04:56 PM

Their prices are fluid... what you see is the last sold price which ins't updated until the next time they get that item in stock.