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Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 Game Review PS4 XB1 Broke Left Stick Games

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Posted 03 November 2017 - 11:11 PM


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Here is the written review as well. Note that this might not make exact wording in written review


Destiny 2  Bigger Stronger Faster-ish
Destiny 2 has seen a wealth of play time. Between me and my Fireteam, we have logged close to 350 hours into Destiny 2. I have alot of postitive experiences and critiques besides 1 and only one super negative which will hold back replayability of this title for some. As anyone normally would I have to start with the pluses. How about a exceptional compelling campaign packed full of team building game mechanics, feverish and frantic fun gun driven moments and the big departure from destiny 1 is the immense amount of cutscenes that I actually listened too and was interested in, now thats a change. Bungie has upped their game on presentation. Their were several missions that captured Halo 1 and 2 levels of immersion and environmental relevence. They felt new and awe inspiring. Obviously for spoilers sake I won't say what missions but general times I was struck by a scuplted view of a galactic sized spaceship or the verticallity of the landscape  and the flow it had to intutive gunplay, teambuilding, and exploration. To elaborate further on exploration which I found excellent due to the more fleshed out areas, public events, lost sectors and planet specific quests kept me distracted when approaching level 20 and through to 305 current capped power level. I did most of my first characters missions without a speeder and still didn't miss it during that time but for times sake I did transfer the speeder to my next character for quicker travel times. I enjoyed walking around collecting shards, and treasure chests while completing patrols and public events. Destiny 2 gets so much right in regards to the main game. I was constantly rewarded with new loot, new opportunities for loot and entertaining ways to go about my pursuit for more powerful items. I found my pursuits did pull me towards crucible where I spent a lot of time moping floors in competitive and quick play. Pvp this time around is more tight team play then ever before and I have found running 3 tight with 1 roamer to surprise on the flank was a extremely successful and fulfilling way to do crucible compared to that mass solo rogues of Destiny 1. I never felt fatigue because I still was rewarded with items and loot on the occasional lost too. My experience with PVP and Campaign in Destiny 2 was amplified by playing with a dedicated fireteam who was experienced in game mechanics. Luckily the games mechanics are easy to pick up besides the endgame raid mechanics which take a few tries to understand. The grind to 300+ power has 2 paths. The first is with a group of dedicated players and hitting 300+ light will take only a week or two with the help from weekly raiding and quests. The second path which is the solo grind definitely ups the time it takes to cross the threshold. Mostly due to having to complete the weekly quests and hoping for the best RNG for loot drops in the right category.  This is my only major gripe with Destiny 2 which is was also my gripe with Destiny 1 too. The gear wall is ridiculous. Playing smart and saving rep till power level 265 with help you climb towards 280 but then its hoping for great drops in the modifications and gear departments. Though pass 270 power lies a long journey of lucking RNG drops, weekly milestones, and clan milestones. The time table does vary a lot between casual and hardcore Destiny 2 players. Solo timetable to 305 light is a lot steeper or a climb compared to someone with a dedicated group. Luckily this plays out somewhat casually if you are not in a rush and just pop into destiny on a Tuesday to complete your weekly powerful item milestones and then check back the following Tuesday for new milestones. Those impatient will find the solo grind to be very infuriating due to the gear wall of 265. Most Reputation vendor don't produce loot past this point unless your average it higher and then you will see that number slowly rise which can be a real let down. I found myself robbed a few times by getting the same type of powerful items and not something that would be helpful in another gear section. Really though besides this glaring misstep in the end game loot department that could easily be lessened by tiered raids with a 3 man group instead of 6 in the style of World of Warcraft scaling raid system and the addition of more opportunities for high level solo loot it would open up people grinding and staying with destiny 2 a little longer. I don't think one solo player would mind a 30 step quest if it meant a great powerful weapon. Bungie touched on this idea a little in the Taken king but the last steps had radi requirements and it was a very non solo-able affair. Socially speaking I found the community supportive and engages whether it was playing public events or soccer at the farm. Destiny 2 is a gigantic leap for campaign since destiny 1 and the inclusion of awesome public event made my time with destiny 2 packed with very little fatigue. I want to state that my time with the Leviathan raid has been quite fun. I have been lucky to be part of a group that can one shot every boss event. Those new 2 raiding will find that it is less of a gear check and more of a teamwork raid which is splendid. I have since platinum-ed Destiny 2 and am looking forward to future DLC content to extend my stay as a guardian. Destiny 2 is a must buy. It's fuller fledged campaign, exploration driven content, social stimulation encounters push this game well pass it's predecessor and I am looking forward to Destiny 2's expansions. Anything that gets me more time with my friends and fireteam. 

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