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Agents of Mayhem Game Review

Agents of Mayhem PS4 XB1 Game Review Broke Left Stick Games

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Posted 03 November 2017 - 11:16 PM


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Agents of Mayhem - Cartoon Styled Saints Row
When I released my first impressions of agents of mayhem. I was still trying to find just what makes agents a game that is worth playing and how its different from every other 3rd person action adventure game. I can easily say agents of mayhem is developer volition second best videogame series. Now this is with the knowledge that they only have 4 series which are Saints Row, Red Faction, Summoner and now Agents of Mayhem. There is alot of connections between all of these series and Volition definitely makes a few easter eggs to show respect to their other franchises. Honestly Mayhem might have pulled bigger numbers in sales if it had been called Saints Row: Agents of Mayhem instead of just sharing a universe. That Universe they share has a new cartoon coat of paint that looks smooth and is fitting for the aestectic that Volition is attempting to bring to life. Agents gives you alot of choices for character selection which partially makes up for not having co-op like its signature series. The characters all comprise of different troup-esque sterotypical arch type. You have a range from ninja style secret agent to drunk party women. With all of these characters comes a decent amount of moving parts. You will be bathed in one liners, pushed agenda dialogue, stereotypical nuances like a night someone can't remember to a hollywood actor early stardom films. All the time trying to count what makes them different. It's quite easier to see whats the same. All gun mechanics not including the special moves work relatively the same besides 2 characters where there special also coolsdown their weapon. While  a lot of characters appear to be skilled in melee, only one allows you to embrace fighting with non firearms. This for me was a missed opportunity to add more combat elements to diversify the combat to keep it from getting repetitive. The gun controls are responsive and a few elements actually parody the UI of Overwatch. It appears Volition has stopped attempting to be the Parody Grand Theft Auto and has branched to tapping style and flavor from other high profile game series. As I mentioned before their are many of overwatch comparisions in the gun control, the level up scenes, and the loot awards user interfaces. Seeing how Overwatch is the "It" game. It makes sense that this is the title that makes for most of the copied, impersonated material in Agents of Mayhem. As for the style it's cartooney but more in a cell shaded version of Saints Row, with a Infamous styled story and map structure. The Hand drawn look of the movie cutscenes which do add revelence to the style. As I unlocked characters I was treated to some backstory via cutscenes and quippy dialogue. I will say some kokes I missed enitrely due to being around a loud object in the game or speech overlap. It may be just my sense of humor but no specific joke made me burst out in laughter. Some I found amuzing. I was constantly waiting for Agents of Mayhem to pick up from a B comedy. Please keep in mind your results may vary but this doesn't touch the comic tone of Saints Row. It's for the most part a toned down level of perversion and humor with spikes here and there. Being toner made some dialogue feel awkward especially the Party Girl Daisy whose swear words felt flung from a 12 year old's mouth and just plainly felt out of place. What kept me playing Agents of Mayhem for a long time was the Progression. So far I am 93% completion in the entire game and around 50+ hours.  I found myself constantly rewarded from new gadgets, new moves, level ups, cash, and experience. When the wheels are moving rarely every do you try to get off. Though at some point I found myself saying "are we there yet". Some bosses had specific ways to be defeated which made you need the other agents unless you were very good at dodging. The difficulty does ramp up from time to time. I died twice to the Second Boss before picking up the game mechanics I needed to defeat him. Most times I could run one character for most mission outside the story where I was tasked with driving cars to locations and clearing outposts and patrols. There are several strong game mechanics. The way the game helps you navigate the map to get from point A to B. The helpful hand that game gives when you don't enirely make a jump and it still propels you in the air. There is a ton of approachability and accessibility to this title by hacing a selection of difficulties and a array of options to carry out customizations. You can craft abilities and items from the R=D lab and procure new items from other vendors in the vain of agency powerups and new skins and schematics. There are 2 meta games which add some depth. The first gives you to send agents that you are not using off to other locations to fullfill tasks to help with a global offensive and that second is a series of connected contracts. The connected contracts meta game is currently in need a major patch to fix counts and completion. I ran into a few other glitches aswell with random drops through the world and my difficulty not counting with story missions that caused me to miss out on a trophy. Luckily Volition knows about this glitch and are looking into it to patch it soon. Thankfully the cutscenes help motivate you through some repetitive legion strongholds that sometimes are barren and exactly the same as a previous mission. They could of varied these locations a little bit to keep it from feeling stale. Character movement abilities are strong though. I originally said about a jumping challenge which I have now figured out how to deal with it by delaying my jump button presses. Which for the most part ellivates that problem. Speaking of jumping the vertically of the open world is very nice and scaling really tall building can be done in very different ways. Some of the collectibles are quite challening to find due to no shard tracker upgrade ability. Please Volition add this in the next patch. I had tiff play this title also to have a different view mostly due to me being such a Volition and Saints Row fan and wanting someone who would show no bias. Tiff pointed out accessibility, colorful music, character movements were very food. She felt some of the story to be barren in parts and some levels devoid of anything to interact with besides the marker guiding you to the next location. Tiff was quick to pickup gunplay and navigation. If I had to compare what this game is like. I would say it's a re-skinned version of Saints Row with a Infamous Styled Story and World Map. While both of those titles are great. I find Agents of Mayhem to be in the decent to good tier. It just falls short of great due to some missteps with humor, collectibles that are ridiculous to find, repetitive strongholds and fighting. I would say that this game is a wait or budget buy unless you a Volition fan like me or someone looking for some more open world 3rd person games and has already completed the other Critically acclaimed franchises. Agents of Mayhem has a cool art style, awesome cartoons cut scenes and a decent dialogue and presence. It's just the repetitive play structure that hold it back from making this take the abstract 3rd person open world  crown. This game is worth you time because its different. It's just not worth is asking price of 60 dollards. Hopefully it sees a price drop and can get into others hands to diversify whats currently out there. 

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