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Gran Turismo Sport Game Review

Gran Turismo Sport Gran Turismo PS4 Game Review Broke Left Stick Games

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Posted 03 November 2017 - 11:27 PM


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Gran Turismo Sport - A Frustrating Mostly Online Only Driving Simulator
After a series of delays and false starts with a cancelled open beta and asmall showing at E$. Gran Turismo Sport is here. Being along time Gran Turismo fan you most certaintly can expect some scrutiny and a wealth of anxiousness when I cracked the seal. Before I cracked the plastic cover I was greeted to a very non- sony move. It read intenet required for most functionality. This is the company that told us you don't need continous online connectivity and you can let your friends borrow your game. That was my first red flag. Upon starting the game I was presented with a awesome retro tribute to years past in racing. It was showing  the years of cars and traditions  accompanied by a beautiful score. Once I reached the menu things changed in regards to the continuity of this classic franchise. There is no more GT mode which made up the meat and potatoes of Gran Turismo. A mode in itself I have spent 100+ hours tooling cars and grinding to acquire new rides so I can compete in more challenging races. I understand why Polyphony Digital called this Gran Turismo Sport instead of Gran Turismo 7. Presentation and the racing feel aside this is not set in that series what - so - ever. Those hearing or reading this might think that all is lost. I won't lie to you. A lot of fun challenging modes like A-spec and B- spec as well as 1200 cars have been torn from this series new brotheren. I be the first to say that right there is truely a dissapointment especially with it's gaming competitors like Forza, Project Cars 2 and Dirt selection of vehicles. This for me is a tough pill to swallow, but for the sake of the review I will and let you know what still makes Gran Turismo Sport a decent to alright game. Let's start with the racing feel which is weaved across driving tests, mission challenges, circuit tests and online competion. This is one of the mainstays of this franchise. I found myself glued to striving for 1st Place and gold ranks. Restarting and grdining towards a better lap record. When I would complete a series of gold ranks I was gifted with a vehivle by way of random lottery. While this sometimes was beneficial, most times I was gifted a lower tier vehicle. As far as Gran Turismo Sports in game achievements and Trophy List. Most trophies feel like their based around developing your skills to play the online portion of this title and the some achievements are directly behind a the online mode's wall aswell. Speaking of the online mode which is what GT Sport was built around. Gran Tursimo sport mode consists of 3 daily race challenges that are changed out weekly. You the player are rated in position you place and your sportsmanship. I personally found playing and winning to be extremely frustrating and challenging. I ranked 3rd one time based solely due to the poor sportsmanship functions. I completed the race in 8th but thanks to people being poor sports I moved up 5 positions based on sportsmanship alone. The sportsmanship system currently is very broken in GT Sport. How it works is if you don't hit others and run a clean race you will not be given a penalty time and can place higher then those with penalties. The problem that makes this virtually impossible is that if someone hits you, you also receive a penalty even though you're a innocent bystander. I succinctly remember once race where a poor sportsman would hit me every few seconds and pushed me into a wall where I recieved not 1 but 2 penalties. Penalties I would have never occurred if I wasn't hit. This caused me to place 13th. Which is still respectful but I finished the race 7th and someone was able to grief me to failing farther. If this system is going to work. They will need to put more ghosting on the cars to keep from continuous griefing. As for now it is very much broke and holds most back from enjoyable play ability. Moving forward they will hold championships based around online rank and sportsmanship. I only hope they will fix how poorly sportsmanship was implemented in time to make these championships viable. Seeing this is the pivotal mode in GT Sport. This will be a nail in the coffin for anyone looking for a redeeming feature for this title. I mentioned just moments ago about feature that hold this game back from being great, now I will list a few that help keep this game above water and help salvage this title. I will mention a few. The biggest plus for this title is how the car feels while driving the tracks. I definitely caught the driving bug. I felt motivated to repeat races for better lap times. Keep in mind that Gran Turismo is my DE-facto racing series since I was a child. So take this with a grain of salt. Another nice feature which I mentioned previously was the gift car. This was earned by finishing the daily mileage goal or finishing a series of events with gold medals. I liked not having to purchase new cars even though I occasionally got repeats or a lower tier vehicle. When I recieved a high end car it was awesome and made up for some of the balancing lottery challenges. The sound score and sound effects are some of the best of the series. The engine sounds are ratcheted up and appear alot more beefier from previous iterations of Gran Turismo.  Some how Gran Turismo still makes elevator music sound good in menu's and races which is a accomplishment on its own. I also appreciated the driving tests even though they where not at thorough as older Gran Turismo games. They still retained their silliness and charm. As for VR mode I am not going into great detail. This mode is still gimmicky only being 1v1 with AI. While it is cleaner then Driveclub VR, it's not as robustly implemented around features beyond the 1v1 race. It's a serving size feature. A quality serving not hampered with sick inducing Point of view like Driveclub VR.  I almost forgot the amount of blue screen errors while racing. Please note that this may be a user by user situation. Though for transparency sake I want to state I have been hit with at least 10 blue screens, some based around online connectivity and others just randomly sprung upon me. Their where occasion where I lost 200+ laps of work. In th end I can say with most certainty. That even though I am a die hard Gran Turismo fan I will still suggest to wait for a budget price or try a different racing series like Need for Speed, Project Cars. Those who own a Xbox might even want to give Forza 7 a spin. Gran Turimso Sport is built for those that want to be the best at Gran Turismo and doesn't have much wiggle room for casual drivers. Auto Aficionado's might want to skip seeing how much was torn from this series in regards to tweeking or just the sheer lack of car models. This was a tough game to review due to being such a diehard Gran Turismo fan. At the end of the day I don't want to lead anyone astray. 

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