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Nintendo's joining the DLC fad...

#1 DarthPwner  

Posted 17 November 2017 - 04:40 PM

So, I am excited about Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I am pumped that it is going to be such a long game and I am really impressed with the way they brought in all kinds of talent to create the Rare Blades. It makes me feel like they're finally heading in a good direction; I won't say the "right" direction as that is arguable, but it feels different and in a good way. What I'm torn on, is their stance on DLC.

I have only purchased DLC for one game, but I do have "complete" editions of games (Witcher 3, and Shadow of Mordor.) I tried the Witcher 3 DLC , but didn't quite get all the way through it. I guess I was just burnt out after I beat it because I played it starting last November all the way through March, just before the Switch Release. I will return to it one day! But I DID buy the Breath of the Wild DLC, and so far I am impressed. The Trials of the Sword was epic! Had a blast with that. I tried Master Mode, and I did fall in love with the game again, but once I started progressing through the story, getting fairies at the fairy fountain and upgrading my armor, the difficulty started to taper off into how it was in normal mode, so I put it down and kept doing things in the normal mode again. I am hoping the next part of that DLC is as good or better than this first half.

With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 already getting DLC and the game isn't out yet, and it is being added to an already very expansive game, are you going to buy it at $29.99? That is almost as much as a whole new game, so is the DLC going to add another 40+ hours like The Witcher 3 did?

My question to you guys is, how do you feel about DLC? Does it disgruntle you because they should have included it into the game in the first place? Or are you ok with it so long as the game is very good and you'll judge based on that?

I did put this in the gen. discussion thread, but no one aparently checks there any more...