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my struggle against the Massive Hoards of trolls

#1 DonaldStafford  


Posted 20 February 2018 - 07:11 AM

Hey you guys one of my dreams for being on these game sites at the create new friends so I'm going to post my friend tags for all my consoles and I would love for you to all just add me and when you see me on send me a hello you know and send me a game invite even if I'm not playing a game I'll quickly go pop it in 
add my friend tags: 
xbox live frothiestdonald 
psn donaldstafford 
Wii U ID donaldstafford
Hey you guys my name is Donald you don't know me and what I've been going through the biggest mistake in the world I ever did was the join game trade zone but I want to be back on the site I just won't engage in the community aspect because for some reason the gamers there and The Gamers here on this site they can't handle it it doesn't make sense for some reason only play in Swap and leave trading game flip can handle me being around and Amazon and eBay all I do is list a game and then people lose their s*** it's very strange to me everywhere I go immediately they do everything they can to get me banned a lighter the admins believe anything but establish member says and it's quite strange so how I got banned from game trades got banned from gave trade zone was the members were trolling me and then they would get me to say things and what they would do is copy paste what I was saying and then use that against me and them and then they got me banned for a month and then I came back and then everybody started trolling me again and I didn't say anything bad I didn't do anything bad that member of the The Host. Good idea to ban him so he killed my account the mod named Bill and everybody know they are using this to say that I'm I'm saying bad things about Bill when I said after the people post in the forms and they say this and this and that and that and then in the chat rooms and then I'll say Will Bill Bill is gullible he believed you but he believed that people leave all the lies were saying blue and 6 and Nikko and the problem was then they go and tell Bill that Donald and all I said was you were treating me he he he and he was gullible to believe you because you didn't double-check them and because of that now I'm having trouble because I supposedly was telling the things the admins are wrong and that I'm God it which is retarded now to 
 how I got banned from gamers  the game trade zone member thought it would be funny to trick and lie to cheapassgamer and so the mod without checking immediately band my account I made a legitimate sale and what happens they literally delete the other member and then banned me from being able to trade and then the game trade zone member later come swing so sorry I thought you were honestly making a troll trade you were trading on yourself and because of that and he didn't even go to the mod and say hey hey hey please reestablish Donald account please if you can reactivate that other guys account he you freaking deleted an actual user and that that guy was from 2010 his name was the dad no affiliation the guy got deleted the guy f****** deleted because of troll thought it would be funny to f*** with my life and see to it that I can't trade here everywhere I go I'm a Powerhouse and you people just take me out and believe anything anyone says why is it that I'm subjugated I'm not allowed to coexist pile of s*** a piece of s*** some of this should be just taken out back and f****** euthanized why is it that I am I am not allowed to coexist is it that you guys are allowed to have a community but just f*** with me everyday why is it that the admins don't have it high enough to double-check what is going on here why is it that everyone's bound together and blacklisted me for being a human why don't you just come to my house and f****** kill me it doesn't make sense why is it the everyone in my life holds me down what the f*** 
Please help me get back on cam trade zone please reactivate my sales account here on cheapassgamers
My Imager where I show all proof of my listings the condition of the games and all the deals that I make for people such as buying games and even selling them games 
So I canLink to my YouTube 
Link to my chat room 
Link to my leaptrade to show that I'm Legit Too Legit to Quit 1800 motherfuking trades in 20 months why do you got to keep Banning me what the f*** 
Link to my play'n'swap:  trades in the first week the site was completely dead I brought 25 new members to the site why because I am hard f****** core why do you people have to do everything you can to keep me down why can't you just reactivate my account why does the mods have to believe anything anyone says 
Link to my game flip profile
Link to cheapassgamer profile
Link the game trade zone profile 

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