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FS/FT: Mags, Catalogs, Books - Gaming and Non-gaming

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#1 SirConnery  

Posted 02 April 2018 - 03:24 AM

I normally sell on eBay and GameTZ but figured I'd try this list over here as well. 


I have a large number of print materials for sale and trade. This is a taste of what I have. This takes time to bang out into lists so I add more to it as I get the time. 


I'm looking for PS4/3DS games, PSN gift cards, PayPal. I'm also looking for old gaming magazines, store fliers, catalogs, vidpro store display cards, product catalogs from big box computer games, etc. Think the 80s/90s era of physical cartridges over modern disc publications. For non-gaming I'm looking for Lego manuals, catalogs, classroom materials and the like.


I'm always acquiring more and can keep an eye out if you want anything specific. 




I'm looking for $10 minimums since prices include shipping. Prices are negotiable and I'll check lists for trades.

Anything not marked book is either a catalog or a magazine. Some of these are magazine style, whereas not an actual issue or series but a book printed as a magazine in size/material.

$5 Each 
-- Basic Electricity and Electronics For Model Railroaders by Don Fiehmann (1988)
-- How to Wire Your Model Railroad by Linn H Westcott (15th printing 1989)
-- K-Line Electric Trains Catalog 1992 First Edition (Some scuffing on back cover, Color)
-- K-Line Electric Trains Catalog 1995 First Edition (Color)
-- Lionel Catalog 1996 (Color)
-- Lionel Classic 1997 Catalog (Black train with lightning on cover - Color)
-- Lionel Electric Trains and Accessories 1990 Catalog Book One (Color)
-- Lionel Electric Trains and Accessories 1993 Stocking Stuffers / 1994 Spring Releases (Color)
-- Lionel Electric Trains and Accessories 1994 Stocking Stuffers / 1995 Spring Releases (Wrinkles in cover, slight scuffing on rear - Color)
-- Lionel Electric Trains and Accessories 1995 Catalog (Color)
-- Lionel Electric Trains and Accessories 1995 Stocking Stuffers / 1996 Spring Releases (Color)
-- Lionel Trains 1992 Catalog Book One (Color)
-- Lionel Trains 1993 Catalog Book Two (Color)
-- Lionel Trains 1992 Catalog Book Two (Color)
-- Model Railroader Magazine: All Aboard The Practical Guide to HO Model Railroading (3rd printing, 1989)
-- Tragedy! The Life and Death of Robert Kennedy (1968 B/W Photos)
-- White Dwarf Issue 40 Nov 01, 2014
-- White Dwarf Issue 42 Nov 15, 2014

$10 each
-- The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy: An Introduction to Kaishu by Yi Yuan and Xiong Mingxiang (Paperback 2008 Color)
-- Ferrari Owner's Club England 4 Pack (Spring, Summer, Autumn 1974; Winter 1975 - B/W)
-- Model Railroader Magazine - Jan 2002 UK Printing (Sealed/new, bonus booklet with track plans)
-- Model Railroader Magazine - Jan 2003 UK Printing (Sealed/new, bonus booklet with track plans)
-- Robert F Kennedy: the Last Campaign (Award Books - 1968 B/W Photos)

$20 each
-- Bobby Kennedy: Next President of the United States (GC London Publishing - 1965 B/W Photos)


Books as marked
-- Kite Craft: The History and Processes of Kitemaking Throught the World by Lee Scott Newman (Paperback 2nd printing 1978 214 pages) $10
-- Official Myth: The Fallen Lords Strategies and Secrets (Paperback 270 pages B/W 1998) $5
-- Phantasmagoria: The Official Sierra Insider's Guide by Roberta Williams (Paperback 1995 Color 188 pages) $10
-- Warhammer 40,000 - Codex Space Marines by Games Workshop (Paperback Color 1999) $5
-- Warhammer 40,000 - Codex Chaos Space Marines by Games Workshop (Hardcover, 2012 Color) $10
-- Warhammer 40,000 Supplement - Codex Eldar by Games Workshop UK Product Code 0155 (Color Paperback 1994) $10




Future items I have but not listed yet:

  • Books on a variety of topics (I acquire from book sales. Lots of instructional, science, interesting)
  • Nintendo Power magazines
  • Nintendo Power Advance magazines
  • GamePro magazines
  • Science Fiction Paperback Novels Vintage
  • Political Magazines and full Newspapers (Obama, 9/11, Nixon, 1st man on moon, Desert Storm, elections)
  • Life and Death of Steve Jobs materials (books, magazines)
  • CSI TV Series DVD sets