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Posted Yesterday, 06:25 PM

Not going to respond again re: Forza Horizon, other than to say I strongly prefer it over Paradise for open world racing. That’s my opinion.

Should also mention that as a huge Burnout fan, I personally think the series also works better in closed race circuits, I’d take Burnout 3/Revenge over Paradise any day. But on PS4, Paradise is the only option you have outside Dangerous Driving, which I’m having fun with but it’s definitely not very polished.

For $5, Paradise Remastered is an easy buy for those that don’t have it.

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Posted Yesterday, 06:45 PM

When did they dump a ton of free themes and avatars onto the store? I could have sworn each time there was a free anything posted on the FP it was filtered by low-high and I never saw all these freebies before. Maybe I'm just way behind? Literally spent the last half hour buying 300+ free items. o_O

Now make a Japanese PSN account and download all the free themes that are only on the Japanese store!

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Posted Yesterday, 11:20 PM

I didn't see it mentioned in this thread, but Skybound is releasing an ultimate Telltale Walking Dead Definitive Collection which includes all the episodes on disc (since The Final Season physical release only had 2/4 episodes). Unfortunately it's $249 (there's also a smaller $99 version), but it includes a bunch of extra collector's items. If I had the money, I would probably buy it for the statue alone. Anyway, just figured I'd mention it since people were annoyed about the incomplete Final Season disc release (though it would be nice if they sold just the game separately).



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Posted Today, 12:03 AM

Streaming some Dreams as I work on a game idea for a while, so feel free to join and ask questions if you want (link):


Edit: Archive:



I was working on a Picross game and enjoyed getting a good chunk of the template level done.

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Posted Today, 10:46 AM

No, even then, Burnout Paradise is way better than any of the Forza Horizon games. They're bland imitations of Burnout Paradise. It's not even close.

You're not the only one that feels this way.  I have tried to get into the Forza Horizon games and they have struggled to keep me interested or motivated to keep playing and 100% the cheevos.  The only one that I did 100% was the free fast and furious ad tie in and that seemed like just the right amount of game.  They feel like a better version of The Crew and not so much Burnout