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Posted Yesterday, 08:57 PM

So you post a link showing that people who bought a switch AFTER july 17th can get the new console? wow... retroactively getting the new Switch, congrats.
Again, you never provided any proof to your claim that Nintendo violated FCC laws. After your claim of getting the new Switch, you quickly switched your argument to the joycons instead, which there was a FCC filing long beforehand which easily explains your possibility of getting the "new" ones.

So after about 2 weeks of you being quiet about your claim... you come back and all of a sudden boast that you were somehow correct by showing "proof" with an article that only allows people NOW to swap to the new switch IF they purchased the old one after the 17th AND contact Nintendo directly.

"proves" nothing.

(For reference)


I wondered why people seem to avoid engaging in conversations with 7String. Now I see why

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Posted Today, 11:43 AM

Of course I bought my Switch on Prime Day July 15th. 😂😂😂

I've put so many hours into Crosscode and love it. Those of you who grab it on the Switch won't be disappointed. Fingers crossed for a positive Indie Direct. 🤞

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Posted Today, 12:57 PM

Maybe they’ll take it ^ when was it delivered?

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Posted Today, 01:21 PM

Gives me so much pleasure to post this to the knuckleheads who for some reason jealously doubted I was the first to get the new console.....eat it up now clowns lol
Oh i got the new controllers too btw